Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pieno di Italia

Greetings friends,
Here is the last book gift for awhile. This is for a spiffy friend who has the best collections of everything (no Kelly, not book collection- but your day will be here soon...). She has the best taste in clothes, Julie A, everything. Hope you can add this book to a collection that you start creating.
This has been a hard week, but luckily the jasmine has been intoxicating, especially when I am running through the tree path. What a fragrance.
Starting to get ready for my trip to Italy. Trying to learn some Italian. Not easy. I was listening to one phrase CD and it went on and on about how to say: the toilet overflowed, there is no toilet paper, I did not get any towels, the windows won't open, I asked for a private bathroom... Sounds like a disastrous hotel visit for someone.

Here are some clay Picasso faces made by the second graders. Oh my favorite painting from last week was top row almost in the middle. 5th from the right I think. Off to make my own pizza bianco. Ciao.


Lisa said...

I was in the Gap yesterday and saw a floral print button down shirt that looks...very similar to those vintage shirts you like. Not a peter pan collar...but I think you will like it.

My shoes are comfy...but think they may be too warm for summer.

jone hallmark said...

you are so funny Taylor!
Love the "literal translation" of the Italian tape!

nice book, and I have a hunch about where it is going.
don't know if she does, though....I can keep a secret!

When are you done with school and off to Italia?
We will miss you in London, but you will be adoring Italia, I am certain!


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Lovely book to a lovely friend!
I hope your visit in Italy will be a nice one, excluding problems mentioned;)
Have a nice Sunday