Sunday, May 2, 2010

Full of scrapes

Hello Blog readers (yeah),
Here is my gift for the week going to a special pal who has the best handwriting. Her beautiful writing will complete her book. And yes you have to write in it. I really like how the cover came out.
I have had a good week since National Board is in the mail and I have been able to work on several projects. Alas it also was not such a great week. On Tuesday I wiped out while I was running and cut my chin in two places and scraped the lollies out of my knees. The worst part is I really killed my jaw (think bad TMJ) and it is hard to eat. I am banned from my beloved bagel breakfast. (oatmeal instead- blah) No stitches were needed although I did go to have them checked out. Wow that place was incredible. The nurse just walked in with a pain killer injection. "Do I need that?" I asked. I declined. Also they sent me home with prescriptions for a zillion pain killers. What a place.
Haven't been running since, but hope to go on Tuesday.

This model here seems to be able to work this shirt better than the more experienced model of last week. Keep me in mind if you see any of these shirts around. I love them.

Wednesday is the school art fair and after that I can breathe a genuine sigh of relief.
I already have finished my random gift for next week. I'll show it on my blog next time. You never know when you will be gifted...


Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh nooooooooooo I'm so sorry that you wiped out. Hope you are 100% yourself soon. Eyaiii on the pain killers :P

Whoever is getting that journal is lucky indeed!

Love the shirt! Very cute!

jone hallmark said...

MAN! That is such a bummer about your fall - !!
I do hope that you really are feeling okay. (ouch!)
I wish I could send you a smoothie - nice and cool and no chewing involved ....... think about it.....

Your latest book is beautiful.....really...

Guess what?! We will overlap one night in London!
Should be fun!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Poor Taylor, are you okay now!?
What a great job you have done with all your books!
We are lucky girls out here;)
I Love mine, and all the red and white ribbons on it!
Have a great weekend