Monday, May 31, 2010


Who's getting a present this week?

The clue is in the wrapping (but not exactly). This lovely is my go to gal for book info. She has cost me a pretty penny, but she is worth it. Happy presenting. I know you know who you are. The gift is an encaustic panel I made at Artfest.
Way above are some face birthday cards I worked on this weekend. I had great hopes of having a whole art day filled with fun and projects, but umm well I got caught up in a book (Every Last One- that might not be the right title) and it wasn't even that great in my opinion. Oh well.
Best thing I ran into this week were chocolate covered mint Oreo cookies. OOH they are tops. Also found some shoes I think will work for Italian walking (if I can't talk Italian, I have to at least walk Italian). They are Merrells with a lavender and light pink combo of straps. So far so good. Have a great week- I know I will. It's the last day of school and my last teaching day is tomorrow!


Kelly Kilmer said...

AHhhh!! I love your paintings/drawings!!!! :D

Remember, to "walk" Italian, just wiggle a little. LOL

Hubby says rent this:
Viaggio in Italia

Dear Diary
Caro diario

Le Dolce Vita


Cinema Paradiso (one of my favorites)

Do a search on Best Italian films! Rent them and watch them subtitled. :D

also found this:

jone hallmark said...

I do not think you can go wrong with Merrells....
Good Choice!

Renee said...

Love the cupcake art . . . and the encaustic panel is very nice! So show us the new merrells . . . I got a new pair of Danskos that might be THE pair! hmmmm I think I bought at least six or seven pairs to audition - a small fortune!
xoxx, R

Kelly Kilmer said...

You are the BEST!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I have just decided to "walk spanish".
See if you can Google "El Naturalista"
pretty different and cool shoes!
When are you leaving for Italy?
Lucky person who gets the parcel!

Jennifer said...

so good to hear from you!!