Monday, May 31, 2010


Who's getting a present this week?

The clue is in the wrapping (but not exactly). This lovely is my go to gal for book info. She has cost me a pretty penny, but she is worth it. Happy presenting. I know you know who you are. The gift is an encaustic panel I made at Artfest.
Way above are some face birthday cards I worked on this weekend. I had great hopes of having a whole art day filled with fun and projects, but umm well I got caught up in a book (Every Last One- that might not be the right title) and it wasn't even that great in my opinion. Oh well.
Best thing I ran into this week were chocolate covered mint Oreo cookies. OOH they are tops. Also found some shoes I think will work for Italian walking (if I can't talk Italian, I have to at least walk Italian). They are Merrells with a lavender and light pink combo of straps. So far so good. Have a great week- I know I will. It's the last day of school and my last teaching day is tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full of Kentucky

Hey gang,
I'm back. Had a great time in Kentucky. Here are Marilyn and I with part of dog Phoebe outside her house. When I got to Marilyn's, she surprised me with two vases of peonies in the guest room. How did she know I love peonies so much? They were beautiful.

The next day we went on a shoe mission for my trip to Italy. We ended up at the Zappo outlet. Whoa they had a lot of shoes but not as many as we thought. It is hard NOT to find shoes there, but still no perfect shoes.

The next day started out with a garage sale at her friend Gaye's basement. Gaye is a talented artist with an amazing studio. Hubahuba. At the sale she had a lot of cheap junk. Stuff I don't need but bought anyway. (see first things photo).

Later we devoted the rest of the day to antique malls (see above second things photo) and saw many goodies and a few scary things. People left and right are unloading their clown stuff it seems. Yikes. Isn't that pink tablecloth divine? My new profile picture shows the dress I saw at the Crazy Daisy last year but didn't purchase. Well it was still there so I decided I better just get it. Where I will wear it I do not know...
All in all we had a great time. I wish I could go back today...
School is almost over- yippee and how much Italian have I learned? nada or better yet- niente.
No gift this week but I will have one by the weekend. Have to catch up on a few things. Hope everyone is well and playing with paint.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pieno di Italia

Greetings friends,
Here is the last book gift for awhile. This is for a spiffy friend who has the best collections of everything (no Kelly, not book collection- but your day will be here soon...). She has the best taste in clothes, Julie A, everything. Hope you can add this book to a collection that you start creating.
This has been a hard week, but luckily the jasmine has been intoxicating, especially when I am running through the tree path. What a fragrance.
Starting to get ready for my trip to Italy. Trying to learn some Italian. Not easy. I was listening to one phrase CD and it went on and on about how to say: the toilet overflowed, there is no toilet paper, I did not get any towels, the windows won't open, I asked for a private bathroom... Sounds like a disastrous hotel visit for someone.

Here are some clay Picasso faces made by the second graders. Oh my favorite painting from last week was top row almost in the middle. 5th from the right I think. Off to make my own pizza bianco. Ciao.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Full of Jasmine

Things are looking up. No National Board to worry about, my chin is looking better (and I don't think I contracted tetanus) and best of all the jasmine is intoxicating the air. Jasmine is my most favorite smell (I may even prefer a jasmine plant to a wisteria if I had to pick) It is probably the thing I miss the most about moving from Berkeley, California. We had the most amazing jasmine plants.
Above is my Please take me to the U2 concert booklet for the lucky giftie of the week. I sure am hoping it works.

The art show is over and done with. Here is some first grade art work. I hoped to purchase one girl's painting but her mom beat me to it. Can you tell which painting it is? The students really created some wonderful work.

Trying to practice my Italian now. What a challenge. The hardest part for me is saying things (when not alone in my room- that's easy). I am such an introvert in that way I don't know if I will be able to ask for anything in Italian. Wish I could just write it down. Ciao.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Full of scrapes

Hello Blog readers (yeah),
Here is my gift for the week going to a special pal who has the best handwriting. Her beautiful writing will complete her book. And yes you have to write in it. I really like how the cover came out.
I have had a good week since National Board is in the mail and I have been able to work on several projects. Alas it also was not such a great week. On Tuesday I wiped out while I was running and cut my chin in two places and scraped the lollies out of my knees. The worst part is I really killed my jaw (think bad TMJ) and it is hard to eat. I am banned from my beloved bagel breakfast. (oatmeal instead- blah) No stitches were needed although I did go to have them checked out. Wow that place was incredible. The nurse just walked in with a pain killer injection. "Do I need that?" I asked. I declined. Also they sent me home with prescriptions for a zillion pain killers. What a place.
Haven't been running since, but hope to go on Tuesday.

This model here seems to be able to work this shirt better than the more experienced model of last week. Keep me in mind if you see any of these shirts around. I love them.

Wednesday is the school art fair and after that I can breathe a genuine sigh of relief.
I already have finished my random gift for next week. I'll show it on my blog next time. You never know when you will be gifted...