Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wisteria is full

Ah my favorite vine is in bloom and I am so happy to see it at random spots everywhere. It doesn't last long so I have to get it while I can. I captured some really beautiful shots of wisteria by a pond (I even ignored the caution alligators sign) but my camera has "mysteriously" disappeared. I am not pleased about that or losing the wisteria pictures but I found this batch near my school. And yes, sorry I am using my old camera that usually takes blurry pictures.

Here is the book I am almost finished making for a certain someone who is always telling me she loves my art style.

I am trying to make a random gift for a friend every week(or two weeks maybe...) so don't be surprised if your mail box gets company one day. The first picture is the book put together yet to be bond and than the front and back pages are shown.

Obviously I have not finished my National Boards since I'm galloping around snapping wisteria pictures and creating books... but the deadline will be here before I know it and I will have to just take a deep breath and wing it.
Lastly I'm offering these earrings as a trade. I love them- by Susan Lenart Kazmer, but they are way too big for little me. If you want to own them let me know what you would be willing to trade. (no teenagers please). Have a great rest of the week.


Kelly Kilmer said...

That book is for me right? :D

Seriously, the book is way cool!

Ugh ugh ugh on NB !!!!!! ART is way more important ;)

Computer parts said...

I definitely cannot argue about that. That book is awesome.