Friday, April 23, 2010

Not full enough of National Board- apparently

Hello hello,
I finally found one of those shirts I crave on eBay! Remember I put a plea out to find me some? Actually I found two but the other one wasn't so great. My model is wearing it in the picture, but since she finds the shirt appalling she didn't work the shirt. I would never button the shirt up to the top and you can't see the spiffy peter pan collar. Oh well.

Still working on the you know what but by the next post it will be in the mail and off to Texas- promise. I shall celebrate with a large margarita. Here is the next little surprise- a book that went out to a very talented friend of mine abroad. I hope she likes it and sketches some great ideas inside of it.

I'm working on the next gift- Will it be for you? (hee hee).
Is anyone in the mood for Venice? let me know if you are. I am.
How about JournalFest in October?
This is about the dullest posting I have written. Sorry. I better go before you fall asleep. Bells and whistles next time.


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Great shirt!
Couldn´t live without EBAY!
Who is the lucky friend abroad?

Lisa said...

I am not sure about the shirt...I am not sure if Stacey or Clinton would approve? Perhaps we will find some in Paris?

jone hallmark said...

You crack me up, Taylor!
Fun to see your books and the shirt looks great, but I agree about "the model" not "working it"...oh well.

Hear you are doing London, too! Wish we were going to overlap, darnit. Oh well, our paths will cross again someday, I feel certain!

Have a great week!

danielle hanson said...

I am the lucky friend! are you all jealous?
The book is stunning, and you are very talented Taylor. It is far too lovely to sully with my naff sketches!
By the way those small portraits that you said you were not pleased with are wonderful, the colours are more interesting and the faces look individual, less about your style and more about the subject!

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Looks like you have been having fun...witout me! I haven't had much art time, but am going to make some time this weekend...

Oh, and I am waiting...for the list...