Sunday, April 4, 2010


You can count on a lot of blog postings when I have National Board to do since I am the Queen of Procrastination. I am doing better than usual, but not done.
It's time for the what I made at Artfest show...

These are four of my eight little encaustic works that I made in the Patricia Seggebruch class. I really enjoyed her class and personality. The room smelled like beeswax all day and basically we just experimented. I guess these are hard to admire from afar, but maybe you get the idea.

The next class was portrait work with Misty Mawn. Here are my mini portraits. ( I can't believe I am showing you these. I do not like them very much) I loved the class and sitting next to my expert face painter Renee (and my make me feel better Jill) but I seem to be stuck in my usual style. I know that is good, but I was so trying to get painterly (like experts Renee and Misty)and just couldn't. I guess I need more practice or white paint.

The last class I took was with Lynne Perrella. She is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed working with colors. This is my piece so far but I already know I want to add some white splotchies and merge my birds more into the background. Still have work to do but I bet you get the idea. And now I guess it's time to get back to you know what. Have a great week.


jone said...

I LOVE your portraits!
Really, I think that they are great!
The simplicity and the line of the faces with the necks - I think you did a terrific job.
I also like your piece from Lynne Perella's class.
Color and form and right on....

I do not really "know" encaustic, though I have several friends who do it. It does not always appeal to me, but might if I did it once, or twice...5 times?

Still, glad that you enjoyed it so much!
What a treat for you to get away....

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I am really impressed by what you have been doing!
The painting in the last picture is awesome!
Today I´m going to a birthday party, that means a lot of cakes!
Have a nice day

jill holmes said...

I'm so glad you posted your stuff. I am just getting around to getting my blog posting done for Artfest. And I like your portraits--even if they AREN'T as PAINTERLY as you would like them to be! :-)

greybruceartist said...

This is are such a versatile artist!