Friday, April 23, 2010

Not full enough of National Board- apparently

Hello hello,
I finally found one of those shirts I crave on eBay! Remember I put a plea out to find me some? Actually I found two but the other one wasn't so great. My model is wearing it in the picture, but since she finds the shirt appalling she didn't work the shirt. I would never button the shirt up to the top and you can't see the spiffy peter pan collar. Oh well.

Still working on the you know what but by the next post it will be in the mail and off to Texas- promise. I shall celebrate with a large margarita. Here is the next little surprise- a book that went out to a very talented friend of mine abroad. I hope she likes it and sketches some great ideas inside of it.

I'm working on the next gift- Will it be for you? (hee hee).
Is anyone in the mood for Venice? let me know if you are. I am.
How about JournalFest in October?
This is about the dullest posting I have written. Sorry. I better go before you fall asleep. Bells and whistles next time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wisteria is full

Ah my favorite vine is in bloom and I am so happy to see it at random spots everywhere. It doesn't last long so I have to get it while I can. I captured some really beautiful shots of wisteria by a pond (I even ignored the caution alligators sign) but my camera has "mysteriously" disappeared. I am not pleased about that or losing the wisteria pictures but I found this batch near my school. And yes, sorry I am using my old camera that usually takes blurry pictures.

Here is the book I am almost finished making for a certain someone who is always telling me she loves my art style.

I am trying to make a random gift for a friend every week(or two weeks maybe...) so don't be surprised if your mail box gets company one day. The first picture is the book put together yet to be bond and than the front and back pages are shown.

Obviously I have not finished my National Boards since I'm galloping around snapping wisteria pictures and creating books... but the deadline will be here before I know it and I will have to just take a deep breath and wing it.
Lastly I'm offering these earrings as a trade. I love them- by Susan Lenart Kazmer, but they are way too big for little me. If you want to own them let me know what you would be willing to trade. (no teenagers please). Have a great rest of the week.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


You can count on a lot of blog postings when I have National Board to do since I am the Queen of Procrastination. I am doing better than usual, but not done.
It's time for the what I made at Artfest show...

These are four of my eight little encaustic works that I made in the Patricia Seggebruch class. I really enjoyed her class and personality. The room smelled like beeswax all day and basically we just experimented. I guess these are hard to admire from afar, but maybe you get the idea.

The next class was portrait work with Misty Mawn. Here are my mini portraits. ( I can't believe I am showing you these. I do not like them very much) I loved the class and sitting next to my expert face painter Renee (and my make me feel better Jill) but I seem to be stuck in my usual style. I know that is good, but I was so trying to get painterly (like experts Renee and Misty)and just couldn't. I guess I need more practice or white paint.

The last class I took was with Lynne Perrella. She is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed working with colors. This is my piece so far but I already know I want to add some white splotchies and merge my birds more into the background. Still have work to do but I bet you get the idea. And now I guess it's time to get back to you know what. Have a great week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full time at Artfest

Phew, I bet you guys missed me, didn't you? Well I am back from my quick trip to Artfest in Port Townsend, Washington. I had a great time seeing all my art friends and laughing about. Here are my Paris amies Lisa and Renee, plus Lorraine (in green coat) who refuses to go because she claims she only wants to go to Italy. (Lorraine, why didn't you tell me that?). Also got to see Jill, meet a new friend Amy and see Lisa B. for about 5 minutes at the Nina crowd-a-thon. Surprised Marilyn with the apron and spent a short time with her and Britta. There's never enough time at Artfest. Maybe glass beach will happen next year....

This is basically all I bought plus two other short pieces of velvet ribbon, two small frozen Charlottes and an old flower drawing book.( The beautiful decorative ribbon was a gift from Lorraine.) Can you believe this is my haul? I only spent nineteen dollars are vendor night. I am proud of myself. At Kino-buy-it-all I put down 5 books I wanted. (This was especially good since I already owned two of them). I am adoring the Japanese fashions and am trying to figure out how to create them at home. I may have to become a seamstress. (that's a laugh and a half).
It's spring break now and guess what I will be doing? Yup , National Board since a certain Ms did not get to that yet. ho hum. Stay tuned, next time I shall show what I made at Artfest. (It's not like I can post pictures of my National Board anyway so it's good I have extra stuff to show.)