Sunday, March 21, 2010


What a week. No voice of merit for another week and Friday I had to get a surprise root canal. Then today I finally could almost talk and I am starting to feel sick. Runny nose, sore throat kind of stuff... Why now? I leave for Artfest in three days. I have to get better. I just have to.
Here is my lovely apron I finished for a friend. I bet she will be surprised. Wait until she sees the secret pocket. It looks quite long in this picture (and don't worry gang this will be the last photo you will be seeing of me for quite some time) but she is taller than me so it should work out.
I love these teacups my fourth graders made. I love clay projects. I am always so excited to open up the kiln and see how the pieces turned out after being glazed. On on that note I think I'll try to crawl into the kiln. (kidding) Have a grand old week.

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danielle hanson said...

Hi there Taylor
hope that the Easter holidays find you well and happy!
Miss our chats too, but have been having a bit of a melt down recently, in laws staying for 2 weeks, my own mum in crisis, etc. but the sun is out here in grey UK so much happier..... its time to eat copious amounts of chocolate and pick some flowers!
Love Danielle