Sunday, March 14, 2010

semi full of Liberty of London

Target adventures involving L of L:
Well I was ready this morning at 8 am and drove to Target. I hoped they would remember about Day Light Savings Time and be open. They were. At first I checked out the women's clothing right by the entrance. Lots to look at there. Great two piece bathing suits if you can wear one in confidence. ( no bathing suits were bought by me) Well after that it was hard to find anything else. They were just shelving things- and very slowly I might add. I guess I thought it was like Christmas Eve- you got to sleep with high hopes of Santa putting everything under the tree by the time you wake up but this wasn't the case. I hung around for about an hour wondering when they would be finished shelving- what I would be missing and where were the coffee mugs? Finally I left with this wonderful chair that would not have been there if I had come later. The three best pieces (2 of these chairs) and a tiered cookie type plate were gone before 10.

I came home and had coffee, worked on bills and lesson plans and them decided maybe I would try the N. Charleston Target since I kind of needed a calligraphy book for school. Got to that store and there was Na Da- nothing. I thought oh cool they put it all in one spot. Nope, the first Target team manager I asked, said that the person in charge was not there that day so they were just leaving everything in the back. Humph to that I thought and asked another manager who said they didn't get anything in yet and neither did the other two stores in the area. (Not quite true since I just came from one that had some stuff). Since Chloe hadn't found her make-up at that Target, we went to the third Target that had yet other L of L things but no mugs. They did have the scarves and bags. It was a wild flower hunt and still incomplete but I may actually be sick of the whole thing by now as you probably are too just by reading this.
Other news: made a tasty Indian dinner that I was the only one able to make it to the table and enjoy. Humph again.

I think this journal page needs some outlining or something. Rather flat. Almost organized for Artfest- ha/apron almost done/actually have journal ideas- where is the time? /have not started my Italian lessons via CD/ and of course no National Board work.
So thanks for sticking by me through Liberty of London. It happened, it's over, farewell.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Love your page! Diggin' that chair, too!

Anonymous said...

Taylor you are sooooo funny - I love to read your posts and your Target L of L adventure was great! Your journal page is magnifique! See you soon!
my French phrases are progressing but you are on your own for Italian!

Lisa said...

Reading blogs is very dangerous. I had no idea I needed to go to target to check this out...but some colorful scarves will brighten up my t-shirts in Paris...Qui?

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi Taylor!
I guess Target is a big store, am I right!
Have they started to sell Liberty fabrics recently?
I will just stay in Paris at the airport for two or three hours in between the flight and the train...
When will you be there, what will you be doing?
Have a great weekend and talk to you soon again