Monday, February 15, 2010

no Full time

Hello Pals and Gals.
I see I have not been as diligent this week in getting a posting up and I swear with a four day weekend I really thought I had worked on lots of stuff, but no that must have been last week. All I have to show you is one journal page and our beautiful snowy morning on Saturday. It was beautiful until it melted.

I really have to get back to practicing my self portraits and portraits. I was on a roll(for me) but got bogged down with other stuff. Ah where can I find more time? You know where National Board writing has gone right? yup no where. And now there are taxes to do... Okay no more whinning. I have an hour before diner making so I'll go hop to it. Have a great week.
xxoo the little procrastinator


danielle hanson said...

have been so neglectful of talking to my half full, but actually brimming over edge friend! Sorry I have gone off the radar, mixture of illness, too much work and feeling sorry for myself!
Have missed our chats...but you have at least been sooo busy, the journal pages are certainly reaching a crescendo of colour and

Renee said...

hey you the darling half full procrastinator! LOVE your journal page . . . and wow I didn't know you get snow! BTW - you just wait until you like neck wraps! LOL!
xoxx, R

won't be long now until AF - YIPPEE!

greybruceartist said...

I am enjoying your journal pages and abundant inspiration for if i could just get to that first page..