Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just full

Here's my self portrait for the self portrait project. Hope a lot of others entered.
Same old same old here. Nothing new. No snow. National board not done. Apron not done although I am working on it. I have attached the secret pocket and may finish it today. yea.
Have a great week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Target bags full

Hello hello another weekend has come and gone. Here is my latest journal page. I like it especially since it is my first page that focuses on whites and light colors. I have been trying to do that for awhile. And then there are the rabbits. Somehow they each resemble one of my grandmothers. Well the one with the pink shirt really looks like one and than I looked at the other and she looked a bit like Sadie.

Here is the embroidery I did this weekend on this apron for a friend. (no names mentioned). I have a lot more to do on it but I like the colors I selected. It is strange not working with pinks.

Ah I had a Target meltdown this weekend. I was reading in Oprah about how Target is having a big Liberty of London theme (you know how I love that) so I moosied down to Target to check it out. Well it will not arrive until March 13, but there was enough other floral to do quite a bit of damage- and raspberry colored bermudas. Luckily my personal fashion policeteen has vetoed almost everything so I may be bringing back some (most? ) of the things (to save room and money for March 13) but it was a serious set back in will power.

Deadlines, deadlines. There is a cool self portrait exhibition that I want to enter and a book you can order with every self portrait in the exhibit. I love self portraits so much so I have to enter to see the others. Deadline is in less than a week. When will I find the time? Hmm..self portraits in art this week? Well we are talking about Picasso in some of the classes.

So I guess I better go at least glance at National Board. Have a good week and pleeeease send me a little comment- even a small one is fun.

Monday, February 15, 2010

no Full time

Hello Pals and Gals.
I see I have not been as diligent this week in getting a posting up and I swear with a four day weekend I really thought I had worked on lots of stuff, but no that must have been last week. All I have to show you is one journal page and our beautiful snowy morning on Saturday. It was beautiful until it melted.

I really have to get back to practicing my self portraits and portraits. I was on a roll(for me) but got bogged down with other stuff. Ah where can I find more time? You know where National Board writing has gone right? yup no where. And now there are taxes to do... Okay no more whinning. I have an hour before diner making so I'll go hop to it. Have a great week.
xxoo the little procrastinator

Sunday, February 7, 2010

fully finished with two projects

Hey Everybodies,
Busy week-end making stuff (and not doing what I should have been doing, but it was much more fun). This drawing is of two rabbits that Julie Arkell had made out of paper mache. I decided to draw them because I have been thinking a lot about rabbits these days. Cathy Cullis had a wonderful small sewn book that had the best rabbit on it but alas I was not fast enough to buy it. Sam, do you have it?

I am happy to say that I also finished this belt I started last Sunday. I love the fabrics. Also finally completed both of my books from the on-line class I took with Mary Ann Moss. I still have many signatures not inside a cover that I will need to work on that at sometime. Here is one of the inside pages.

Not much else is going on. Struggling to finish my on-line class portrait class. I feel quite behind in that. Last week I had to pretend I was a school mistress from the American Revolutionary War period for the fourth grade. It was kind of fun using a different accent. One boy did a super job when he had to ask me a question. He was definitely in character. This week I will remain in 2010. Make something cool or sweet to eat this week. xxoo