Sunday, January 24, 2010

Partially full blog entry

Thanks for the birthday greetings. Glad that is over.
I am working on a portrait drawing and painting class. Wow is it hard but I am learning a lot and am actually improving. Here is the latest assignment I did where we used a black water soluable pencil and white paint. Still working on understanding, seeing, and creating the tones. Wish I had more time to spend on this all. I added the pinkish red color for my journal page and the few do dahs. I better get ready for a full week of school. Thanks for visiting.


Kelly Kilmer said...

ahhhh makes me smile BIG.

Jill Holmes said...

Love the self-portrait. I'm not good at people. I am hoping a class I will be taking at ARTFEST will help me with that. One can always hope, right?

jone said...

I think the process with water-soluble pencil and white paint is great!
I Hope that you can find the time to do a bunch of painting in that medium.....experiment.
Might be fun for the kids at school, too..
Self-portraits by kids are pretty cool.
I like yours, Taylor.

danielle hanson said...

really lovely pages Taylor, the portrait is great, I think that the grey with the pink works really well.....
I hope that you had a good birthday and that the family were nice to you, otherwise you will have to come back to the pantry violets for more love and attention, Dx