Sunday, January 31, 2010

Handfully made

Here is my newest journal page. I have no idea how I got it done. So much to do and so behind in everything but eating. These deer my dear friend Lloyda sent to me (she calls them deer charms) have been really handy for my work. I never even thought I would use them and I'm already on my second one.

What could it be? My friend Jone sent me such a cooly addressed package I could barely open it and after I opened the box everything was wrapped so nicely I had to wait another day before looking to see what could be inside this beautiful wrapping. Are you ready to find out?

No not all of this stuff, but the lovely hand decorated blue box with the little bird on top of it. Inside this box I found some wonderful french lace, a felted pink heart, a magnificent bracelet, some ribbon and a tiny tiny birthday card in Jone's wonderful handwriting that I am quite envious of. She also sent a wooden decorated heart lost in the back. (sorry heart) While I was arranging Jone's gifts I thought I should include my other handmade gifts that I love. Renee sent me the cute as can be heart pillow and heart wrist cushion for pins. (I'm a bit scared to use it as I can imagine sticking the pins through my wrist instead of the heart), The felted necklace that I admired from afar became mine from Danielle, and last in the big jar is some of the best granola fit to eat made my Joy for my birthday. Thank you all. I love handmade gifts (hint to family). Well cross your fingers i can get some portrait work done after making dinner.
Also let me know what your most recent favorite handmade gift has been. I'll randomly select a commenter to win a small handmade present made by me of course.


jone said...

Hey Taylor!
Looks like your friends know you pretty well.
I am glad that you like what I sent to you for your special day. Wear the bracelet in good health and I hope that you will find good use for the lace....
I am glad the box turned out cause I plan to make more of them - you were the Guinea Pig on that one!


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi Taylor!
Really love your journal page, it´s so personal!
You´ve certainly found your own style here!

I also got a LOVELY little package from Jone, and like you it was almost heartbreaking to open the small packages because they were so beautifully wrapped!
Jone sent me a polka dotted felted toadstool, that was something extra really!
I love surprises and I´m working on some right now;)
Have a great week Taylor