Sunday, January 10, 2010

Full of Donna Inspiration

Okay Guys,
The moment you have been waiting for: the apron is done and I am modeling it with my finished knitted scarf and am wearing a very bad face. Can't keep asking the photographer(no names mentioned here) to take another one. Her comments after each shot don't exactly inflate the ego. Anyway this is the Donna Downey post. I took Donna's apron class to get me started on a sewing project and she was wearing this cool scarf that is as soft as can be. I asked her where she got it and she said she made it so... here is my version. She is wearing hers in the photo of us together. I wish she was wearing her apron as well. She brought some great ones to the class which will be in the next issue of Apronology.

Now I have my Remains of the Day books to finish. I am chugging along on them. Many pages. The pictures I have seen of other artists in the class are wonderful. Hope everyone has a great week.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Sooooooo cute!!! LOVE the apron!!!!

jone said...

Dear Taylor -
Could you talk a little bit more about the process behind the "Remains of the Day" journal?
What sort of things, in particular, do you incorporate into/onto the pages? It looks pretty cool, but I wonder where all the goodies come from that you put in it. Do they mean something to you, especially? Or, are they just nice papers and things that look good together?

Your apron and scarf are dynamite!
Good JOB!

danielle hanson said...

you look really well and very happy Taylor....what a cool apron and scarf...have you attracted any outside attention with that combination?
love Dx

Lisa said...

I love both scarf and apron. Who makes that great pom pom Yarn?

taylor said...

Jone, for the journal, basically you gather all your scraps that you never know what to do and sew them and arrange them as the pages in the book. They can be as meaningful or not to you as you want. I have included pictures I have made and things I like. They can also just be pretty what ever. The more meaningful part is when you write inside the journal and include more personal tibits as well. .I don't know how to link to blogs but I will email you Mary Ann's blog where she has examples of her journal.
Thanks everyone for commenting. I adore comments.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Happy birthday Taylor, hope it will be a GREAT day!
Will you bake a cake or maybe someone else is doing that;)
Love the apron!
Just tell me if you want to do an exchange of "stuff" one day!!!
Lots of love

Joy said...

The apron and scarf look great on you! You are also looking thin, so hope you aren't concerned about pouches. The Liberty fabric is gorgeous- hope you find some fun things to make with it. It was fun reading your blog from the past couple months. I like seeing all your art- it is inspiring. Thanks again for the beautiful apron! Glad you have all these art friends. Do they have blogs too? J.