Sunday, January 17, 2010

Almost Agefull

Phew am I glad to get rid of that picture of me in the apron(or at least move it down a spot). Yes the big day will be here any moment... well tomorrow. My birthday. Ack. It certainly isn't like when I was younger with a pink party and a lot of presents but I am trying some how to make the best of it. Not much happens at my house for my birthday so I have to create my own fun. Tonight I am going out with my friend Lisa A. (Yea) and tomorrow I'm making my own favorite dinner- which I will share with the family of non celebrators/planners. The dinner shall be leek and butternut squash risotto and a mixed salad with a light dressing, organic tomatoes, avocado, goat cheese, and cranberries. Usually they come through with a store bought cake- chocolate of course- I'm a vanilla girl but we shall see. And then it's over and no more fretting until next year.

Isn't this fabric gorgeous? It's all Liberty from England. I hope I get the nerve up to cut it and not just stare at it. Seriously, I know it's strange but it makes me happy to just look at it. I finished sewing all my pages for my Remains of the Day Journals. They look good. Just have to sew the signatures into the book and away I go. I'll post them next time. Have a great week and please enjoy my birthday for me. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Taylor
Happy Birthday to you!

eeeeekkkk I forgot tomorrow is a holiday so watch your mail on Tuesday for a belated b'day wish!
xoxx, R

Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy Happy birthday, Taylor!!!!! Here's to many, many more.

Purrrrrrttty fabric!!!!!!!

Mmmmm I hope you get the vanilla cake you deserve! ;)

danielle hanson said...

dear Taylor
I hope that you had a goood birthday....did think about you on saturday, while I made courgettes with walnuts in a walnut and tarragon dressing!

jone said...

Love the page in your book AND the beautiful dog (!)
That "Liberty" fabric ain't bad, either.
I'm with you, though - love to "just look at it"

Hope it was great!
Look for a package in the coming days...


Jill Holmes said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Taylor! :-)