Sunday, January 31, 2010

Handfully made

Here is my newest journal page. I have no idea how I got it done. So much to do and so behind in everything but eating. These deer my dear friend Lloyda sent to me (she calls them deer charms) have been really handy for my work. I never even thought I would use them and I'm already on my second one.

What could it be? My friend Jone sent me such a cooly addressed package I could barely open it and after I opened the box everything was wrapped so nicely I had to wait another day before looking to see what could be inside this beautiful wrapping. Are you ready to find out?

No not all of this stuff, but the lovely hand decorated blue box with the little bird on top of it. Inside this box I found some wonderful french lace, a felted pink heart, a magnificent bracelet, some ribbon and a tiny tiny birthday card in Jone's wonderful handwriting that I am quite envious of. She also sent a wooden decorated heart lost in the back. (sorry heart) While I was arranging Jone's gifts I thought I should include my other handmade gifts that I love. Renee sent me the cute as can be heart pillow and heart wrist cushion for pins. (I'm a bit scared to use it as I can imagine sticking the pins through my wrist instead of the heart), The felted necklace that I admired from afar became mine from Danielle, and last in the big jar is some of the best granola fit to eat made my Joy for my birthday. Thank you all. I love handmade gifts (hint to family). Well cross your fingers i can get some portrait work done after making dinner.
Also let me know what your most recent favorite handmade gift has been. I'll randomly select a commenter to win a small handmade present made by me of course.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Partially full blog entry

Thanks for the birthday greetings. Glad that is over.
I am working on a portrait drawing and painting class. Wow is it hard but I am learning a lot and am actually improving. Here is the latest assignment I did where we used a black water soluable pencil and white paint. Still working on understanding, seeing, and creating the tones. Wish I had more time to spend on this all. I added the pinkish red color for my journal page and the few do dahs. I better get ready for a full week of school. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Almost Agefull

Phew am I glad to get rid of that picture of me in the apron(or at least move it down a spot). Yes the big day will be here any moment... well tomorrow. My birthday. Ack. It certainly isn't like when I was younger with a pink party and a lot of presents but I am trying some how to make the best of it. Not much happens at my house for my birthday so I have to create my own fun. Tonight I am going out with my friend Lisa A. (Yea) and tomorrow I'm making my own favorite dinner- which I will share with the family of non celebrators/planners. The dinner shall be leek and butternut squash risotto and a mixed salad with a light dressing, organic tomatoes, avocado, goat cheese, and cranberries. Usually they come through with a store bought cake- chocolate of course- I'm a vanilla girl but we shall see. And then it's over and no more fretting until next year.

Isn't this fabric gorgeous? It's all Liberty from England. I hope I get the nerve up to cut it and not just stare at it. Seriously, I know it's strange but it makes me happy to just look at it. I finished sewing all my pages for my Remains of the Day Journals. They look good. Just have to sew the signatures into the book and away I go. I'll post them next time. Have a great week and please enjoy my birthday for me. Cheers.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Full of Donna Inspiration

Okay Guys,
The moment you have been waiting for: the apron is done and I am modeling it with my finished knitted scarf and am wearing a very bad face. Can't keep asking the photographer(no names mentioned here) to take another one. Her comments after each shot don't exactly inflate the ego. Anyway this is the Donna Downey post. I took Donna's apron class to get me started on a sewing project and she was wearing this cool scarf that is as soft as can be. I asked her where she got it and she said she made it so... here is my version. She is wearing hers in the photo of us together. I wish she was wearing her apron as well. She brought some great ones to the class which will be in the next issue of Apronology.

Now I have my Remains of the Day books to finish. I am chugging along on them. Many pages. The pictures I have seen of other artists in the class are wonderful. Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not full of Art

I am afraid the only thing I have made and completed since last time is this New Years Eve bread. It has a crusty crust which I love. The best thing about it was that for the rising I had to bring the dough up to my bedroom (hee hee I made a typo and wrote bread room) because it was too cold in the kitchen and all night I would get whiffs of the sweet yeasty scent (unfortunately at times I have a nose like a pig snorting out truffles) but this smell was lovely. The bread was baked the next day for another wonderful aroma. It's really good toasted and easy to make.
I have been working like mad on several projects. The apron is almost done and will be in the next blog pictures with the completed scarf. Remains of the Day books still in process.
Okay readers, I need your help. See these two shirts:
Well I would really like some more(these two are kind of tight.) I am not sure where or how to get them but any leads would greatly be appreciated and even be rewarded with a little gift. Back in high school (so they are vintage) my friend Laura and I use to find them at the Challenge Industries thrift store (all you could fit in a paper bag for a dollar) in Ithaca, New York and we had quite a few. Mine disappeared when my Mom's house was sold and I have such a longing for them. They usually have a peter pan collar and are often sleeveless.
It's back to school for me tomorrow. Cold bus duty at 7 AM and hopefully some fun. I have a new huge box of collage stuff that I am sure the kiddos will devour with glee.
Thanks once again for taking the time to visit my blog. I promise the next time will be more artsie. Please leave a comment so I can visit your blog and see what you are up to.
P.S. Did you guys notice I added my photo to the blog. ooh