Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 full

Ah the last post for 2010. Hope your year was great. Sad to see 2010 go since I like writing that number but 2011 may have better things to offer so I'm welcoming it in with a big hello.
Worked on journal pages today and tried to think about lesson plans. I feel like I have not been in school for months. Once I return I am sure that feeling will quickly disappear. Self portraits with the first graders the first week will be jolly fun.

My Moo cards came and I love them. Here is a picture of some of them lined up on my art table. They look bigger than they actually are. I can't wait to give them out to people.

Had a fun time visiting my friend Nada(talkalatte) in Charlotte. I can't believe how much snow was still on the ground when I got there. Nada is Italian and she made a tremendous tiramisu and veggie lasagna for her re-gift party. We had fun going to IKEA and Trader Joe's (scrumptious flat bread pizza with mushrooms and black truffles. So earthy tasting. I want more).
Two more days before school and I have books aplenty to read. Right now it's the Emperor of all Maladies (A Biography of Cancer) which is pretty interesting.
Hope y'all have a great first day of 2011 tomorrow. I will be back soon.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

me full

Happy Holidays everyone. Hope you are all having a wonderful day with family and friends. This is my favorite present made by my friend Ellen. She suggested I turn it into a purse. I am not sure yet, but I am in awe as to how she made it look like me.
This is the picture I made for Ellen.

And here is another one for someone else who wants to go to Venice.

Waiting patiently for my moo cards to arrive(not that patiently) and deciding what to create next in the kitchen next. I thought the scones turned out pretty well. Guess I will go check out some recipes. Still looking for a good peanut butter cupcake recipe. Hope you got some pretty snow. xxoo

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Love these two with their legs sticking out. Thinking about adding arms next.

So excited that vacation has begun, even if It has been raining steadily since yesterday. Almost finished making all my gifts. Next stop Monday morning postal line blues. Only other thing I have to do soon is make the scones I bought all the ingredients for. When I lived in Berkeley, CA I used to indulge myself with a scone from the Cheeseboard Collective, a cheese and bread place on Shattuck Avenue and than a latte at the French Cafe. Those were the days ( pre-Starbucks I might add). Anyway I thought fondly of those scones last week and found the recipe, but need to make them before the buttermilk gets sour- but isn't it already sour?

Journal pages here too. Big time art blog entry.
Next project is going through my at least 500 children's books to send most to my friend Loreen in South Africa who would welcome them at her school. So hard to get rid of but I think it is time to say good-bye to some of them. James Marshall, William Steig, Olivia the pig and others will be staying.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

sewfull again

Here they are... part of my finished sewing creations. The rest will be up next week. Had a Coldplay marathon as I sewed. It started with one song but kept on going on the Ipod. Songs I hadn't even played in awhile. Good sewing music.

The second photo shows the backs of the characters. It's kind of like a rough version of patchwork. As my Violet Pantry friends know (and probably everyone else) I am a sloppy, not exact artist so these definitely have my trademark style on them.

These are my classroom sock monkeys. Each has it's own name and personality. The student of the day for each class gets to pick one for sock monkey entertainment. Each monkey has his/her own repertoire of amusements. Yogi's head bop and the twins' dances are the most popular these days. Yes, I could be going off the deep end but it's fun. Last week of school for two weeks. Wish us teachers luck. Toodles.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Full of the neighborhood

Welcome to my neighborhood. The other week I decided to walk to the grocery store and take some pictures on the "long cut" to the store. It's quite beautiful here when not too hot and buggy or cold and rainy. We live besides the Wando River and near many marshes where boats can mosey on by when the tide is high.

Working hard on my sewing. I have many faces almost completed- just adding the embellishments. I'll be showing some of them in the next blog report.

Today I spent 3 hours with daughter shopping at the malls. Blah. She had birthday money to spend. ( I kept suggesting she save it for a car fund but nope.. nothing to wear...) I think the older I get the less interested I am in mall shopping(notice clarification of mall shopping) . Besides everything at the mall that annoys me it's walking by the pretzel booth that really makes the experience short of wonderful. Why do they always smell so good?
Well I am off to pay the bills, make no knead bread, tortellini soup and do some sewing. Have a great week creating something, I hope.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

energy full

Here's the dress I fell in love with (on the hanger). It is just a little poofy at the waist for me (not that I'm flat as a pancake...) My friend Ellen said it would look good on a 12 year old. Yeah that's probably where my mental age is these days but I still had to stay good-bye to the dress of my dreams.

Finally into the holiday gift groove. Going to make different things with my drawings. Here are some of them- you may recognize a few faces from my art journals. It's actually quite fun to have all these faces out and about.
Here's my pile of add-ons for embellishing. Photography lesson number one- face scan labels to the back. Ah wish I had more time to retake but I want to keep working on my new projects.

I told my pal Kelly that I wasn't too into Liz Lamoreux's new book, inner EXCAVATION (I hope my link links. If not I'm sorry. This is my first try) but then today I got totally hooked on it and have grand plans to work through the whole book. The idea of making a conscious acknowledgement of expressing myself seems like just what I need to be doing. I think I will get a lot out of it so I can't wait to begin reading, writing, taking pictures (avoid scan labels) and mixing media. I'll let you know how it goes. Well, as you can see I have a lot to do so I better get busy.
Thanks so much for reading my blog. Send me a comment saying which face you like the best and you just may end up getting it as a giftie for reading my blog.
Ta Ta friends. xx00

Saturday, November 20, 2010

not so full

Rough week through and through. I am thankful for the weekend where maybe calm will settle through. Only two days of school next week so time to collect my thoughts. Procrastinated starting my gifties by working in my journal. I think that is a pretty good procrastination trade off. Hope everyone is doing well.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


No art by me this week, but my busy artist students have been working hard on their work. I had the third grade do these torn paper collage animals just as an exercise to practice using the collage materials (glue!) and most of them came out really good. Can't get the color correct on the cow. It has a very pink nose and utter. Turns out the boy's sister is crazy over cows.

Here are two self portraits. I love the self portraits the most of everything they do. These are both by second graders.

The pass around journal seems to be going well, but slow. The first artist did a great job on her two pages. Artist number two is taking some time but hopefully she finished and has passed the journal on.
Ah my wisteria. How I miss the spring. Winter and cold is not for me.

I am actually about to start an art project- holiday gift thing that I am quite excited about. Today I hope to make the prototype and I will show it to you devoted readers ASAP. And off I go to start (after laundry, bills, child pick-up... no I'm going now to start... really). Have a great week.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

slight journalfull

Here's my cute little house that in fact is not for sale. So sad, not that I could have bought it, but it was a nice fantasy.

Worked on some journal pages this week. Amazingly I have two to show. I think I would be doing more but alas it has finally become cold in South Carolina so I am almost in my hibernating mode. You laugh at me I am sure my Vermont and NY friends thinking I don't even know what cold is. Oh I know- that's why I live in South Carolina but I think I need an upgrade to an even warmer place.

The school journal is being passed around. I hope it is a success. We shall see. Luckily no one asked- do we have to do it?
OOH next Tuesday I get to sample the supposedly most incredible brownies at Family Math Night. I can not wait to try one.
That's about it except I do recommend Cline wine- the red one was very tasty.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

never too full of vermont

Seems like months since I was in Vermont. And it has been, but still I want to post these now ancient pictures since it is so beautiful at Anne's house and I always have such a wonderful time. Anne lives the life I wish I had, but could probably never handle with all those chickens and snow plowing and weeding... I get to go and pretend it is my life for a few days. She pretty much laughs at me and my non-rural skills while I am there (especially my complaining about mosquitos in the house).
Anne makes bagels that sell out within the hour she drops them off. Here are some she was making in her kitchen. Very tasty at any time of the day.
Funny when I tried to get my chicken shots the hens and roosters were not very thrilled. They kept walking away from me as I got closer to them so this is the best I could do.
One night I got to sleep in the milk room a few yards from the house. It was pretty incredible sleeping there with the noises of the country and the moon shinning down. Almost like camping, but no tent.

I've been reading a lot about blogs and how it is best to have some type of theme or subject you stick to so you don't confuse your readers, like all art or all cooking. I am sorry readers, but I obviously don't do that. Thanks for sticking with me when you don't know what you will be reading or seeing from week to week. Think of It as a potpourri of unpredictable accounts from this most likely ADD blogger.

Ah I am in love with a house. It is white with blue trim. I will have to take a photo of it this week. The only problem is that I am sure it is way out of my budget (as most things are out of my budget- even a new bike), but I just feel this is the house I should be in, so I am trying to figure out how I can buy it. Any ideas? Yeah I know, if you knew you would be doing it...Still it is my new dream. I guess I should go look inside of it
Since this was a surprise post I guess I should say goodbye. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week and of course remember to vote.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Chicago was a fast but mostly pleasant trip. The purple ribbons on this tree symbolize the number of victims of domestic violence. Looking at all that purple in one place was quite amazing. Mostly it was a shopping trip for Chloe who had shopping depression once she ran out of money and no longer wanted to shop. Here she is with her goods in our hotel room.
We did not really buy anything from Juicy Couture. She saw the bag outside a hotel room and made ME take it- It was empty.
Poor Chloe was dragged to a vegan restaurant. Here is a picture of the carnivore with my father at a different restaurant that was half vegan/veggie, half meat called Earwax. She got a killer mocha milkshake. When my father got the vegan version it wasn't nearly as tasty. I doubt anyone from South Carolina would even go to a restaurant called Earwax.
I must confess, I snook off to the American Girl store for a few minutes which horrified Chloe. I love watching the little girls walking into that place. It is also good for entrepreneurial (is this word actually spelled correctly?) ideas. Now you can set up a time for a hair appointment for your doll and watch her get a new do. Some of the dolls came in looking very scraggly. I also got to see the new American Girl doll's semi-vintage trailer. I wish I could live in it.

I got to see my friend Joy for a few hours. She was in town for a family thing and we were both staying in the same part of town. We went to Sprinkles, a cupcake store with yet another cupcake line. I had a very delicious peanut butter and chocolate cupcake.
My family took Chloe and me to Second City and some of the skits were quite funny. Not all appropriate for a young lady of Chloe's age but I am sure she has seen similar on TV. I was also fortunate enough to go to a cool book/zine shop called Quimbys. And hence, Chloe was less fortunate to have to come with me. Would have liked to stay there longer...
This is my school journal page(almost finished) for a project I am starting at school based on the 1000 journal project. I will be sending this journal home with a different child each time for him/her to work in. (Families can help). I think I may also make one that will wander around school and when you find it you can take it home and work in it. I hope the kids will be as excited about this as I am.
So that's about it for this week. No trips for awhile a except to the throat doctor tomorrow.
Great week-ends to all.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

3 full pages

Journal page(s) from NYC. I used a bus map of NYC as my background page and since it was folded I actually got three pages out of one. This page below is inside of the first page you see.

Next weekend I am going with Chloe to Chicago. Please offer any suggestions of great places to visit (shop, eat). I heard we are going to Second City on Friday night.
I know you hear an awful lot about Chloe. Here is the other one. Riley with his beloved girlfriend before they left for a dance.
I'll be looking forward to any Chicago suggestions. Have a great week.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New yawlk full

Back from our New York City weekend. We had a great time and the weather was wonderful. Spent a lot of time walking around and shopping. I did the most damage within the first hour of getting into the city when we hit the Japanese bookstore. Oh boy that was heavy duty. I couldn't even think how to rationalize it, I just had to do it.
Later we walked over to Soho and went into Bloomingdales so my friends could purchase some new make up. Some how they got me involved and I actually am now the proud owner of three make-up products. Who knows, maybe on our next trip I will get a hair make over. Chloe would be happy about that.

Lorraine wanted top spend some time photographing so I managed to take a few pictures myself, but not many. I am anxious to see her pictures. I took a photo of this cute pink door near NYU at Washington Mews. It reminds me of France.

The restaurant we ate at on Friday night was so loud that we couldn't even hear each other so we mostly ate in silence(very sad). I'd tell you the name but we are trying to forget it- permanently.
Luckily, the next morning Renee spotted a cute restaurant, Le Pain Quotidien, which became our most favorite. Just look at this granola! We also discovered there are quite a few in the city (and elsewhere) but of course not South Carolina. I am still trying to figure out how such a nice cafe can also have so many branches and nothing near me.
Saturday night, first we had a slice (of pizza) and then waited on line at Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes. They were really delicious. I was the only one who managed to make mine last longer than 10 minutes. I wish I had taken a photo of mine.
We managed to visit many of the wonderful shopping spots such as anthropologie, Tinsel Trading, Purl Soho (fell head over heels in love with some $70 a skein cashmere), ABC, the lomography store, and Renee's favorite Muji.
Aren't Renee and Lorraine the cutest? We got rather gloomy towards Sunday knowing our trip would be over but we are thinking of a new place.
The worst part of the trip was getting on my flight home and finding out it was cancelled after listening to the flight attendants tell us we all needed to be seated so we could take off. That made 250 passengers trying to deplane and find a way to Atlanta at the same time. It was insane. There was nothing to Charleston and I needed to get back to work today (finding a sub is not as sweet as a cupcake) so I flew into Columbia, SC and rented a car for the two hour drive. Gotta love air travel.
Thanks for reading about my travels to NYC. Let me know where you suggest for the next week-end trip.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

full to do

Woo hoo (rhymes with moo moo) - Here's what a gal buys at the store for her weekend alone. It is such a thrill to be home alone. I can leave stuff out, buy ice cream and know it will be there the next day, plan my very own non chauffeuring day... it's amazing.
Only problem was with my wine when I realized that I did not have a corkscrew so I had to trudge back to the grocery store to buy one. This after being a good citizen and walking to the store (and taking pictures of my town) to avoid using the automobile all day. Ah well c'est la vie.

Love how this mostly red journal page came out on the top of the post.

I made this Queen picture for two teachers at my school who are expecting a Khloe Elizabeth (How did they know my Chloe's middle name was Elizabeth too?). I put it in a wild van Gogh Iris frame. Hope they liked it.

So next on my list for today is organize for NYC next week-end and to finish up some other art stuff. Tofu for dinner. You may be cringing at that but I love tofu. Hope you are having a great weekend aussi.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The full story of Paris

Later that day Renee and I went over to Nathalie Lete's studio just outside Paris. I had planned to ask to take pictures but we both forgot. Her studio is incredible. She is so talented and busy with a zillion projects. I purchased her book version of Little Red Riding Hood. My favorite part is a photograph of her when she was a little girl wearing a red cape.
So that is the gist of the trip. Who knows where I will end up next... Spain? England? After looking at Mary Anne Moss's blog pictures of Turkey I am quite intrigued to go there. Lorraine wants to go to Bali... Hmm all I know is that in two weeks it's off to NYC for a long weekend.
Au revoir bellas.