Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Full of Resin

I made these cool things at my friend Ellen's house. I am not sure what I will do with them but I think they are neat. She suggested ornaments but I think it may be a little late for this year. I have to attach a wire around them and am a bit weary about that- given my experience with metal work (Yet I still plan to take another jewelry class in May...) Anyway I do think they are cool and will probably make some more.
I think I am having an Alanis Morissette week. It is nice having no school. Got the new sewing machine so soon I will try to free motion. Still working on the presents. Biggest project is the apron. When I finish it I'll show a picture of it and of me and Donna D. at the class. She is a real go getter and so fun. I love when her kids show up during class.

So these could be the boots but I don't know. I like the shortness(they pretty much stop where you see them) but the other ones I tried were more comfy. Chloe doesn't like them so I don't know if that is a plus or minus. I will have to ask my boot advisor (Lorraine) what she thinks. They are Fryes. Any boot advise is greatly encouraged.


Renee said...

Hi Taylor,
you are sooooo funny . . . love those boots! I just got some new boots at Cowboy Christmas when we were in Las Vegas for the rodeo (NFR). They told me the newest styles have square toes. They may have told me that because I was going to buy the pair with squared toes! They had a vested interest unlike Chloe - perhaps she is more sincere than those sales people!
xoxx, R

jone hallmark said...

I think the boots are good. The thing is that they MUST be comfy. A good pair of boots you could be in all day everyday for a week straight and still feel great! They should support your arch and fit like a glove, except for plenty of room in the toes. Remember, this is advice from a Texan...ha!

Love your little resin goodies, too.
xo Jone

traveler one said...

Hi there! I'm just following some of the links from the Shabby Scraps flickr group and have stopped by to say hello and to link your blog to mine! I'll be back again and see what you're up to!

danielle hanson said...

Oh wow, your resin lids reminded me so much of a fab kit my mum bought me when I was little called 'plasticraft' We used to spend hours making brooches and nik naks with shells and flowers and bits....I love those that you have done!
The boots look good, chic and practical...don't listen to Chloe, she is too young to understand that those 3 qualities very rarely occur together..
love Daniellexxx

Jill Holmes said...

LOVE the boots!