Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange you full of cupcakes?

Bonjour mon amies,
Hope you had a great weekend. We had some fantastic weather. Great for outside running. So above journal page was my attempt at working with white paint on a white background with a person which obviously didn't work. I know I have to tint the white paint very lightly, but I am not one for subtlety (did I really spell that right?) so I shall keep trying. I tried on another page too but it twas a disaster. I covered most of it up with tissue paper and am trying something else.
Update time: Alas I still have not run into the van I am suppose to follow to Italy.
I did manage to wear the lavender heels (not the ones below) all day on Monday. I was very proud of myself. Tuesday it rained. Then Wednesday I brought the below purple ones and wore them for about 40 minutes but I felt a bit foolish and also they were too loose so no cowboy boots this week.
Whoa baby, my leg does not look too enticing in this picture. The cupcakes look much more delicious. Speaking of which... today the little chef whipped up some cupcakes with orange runny icing(she must miss Halloween.) She even left me with a big glob of icing in the bowl to wash or eat. Guess which I picked?
Au revoir for now.


Kelly Kilmer said...

ooh la la!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Great leg and the painting is not too bad either!
Love your style!

danielle hanson said...

Ha! the shoes are to die for, they need regular outings! Get yourself some fake tan, hitch your skirt up and go find the italian! (give up on the van!)
your white on white paintings should maybe be a pay on textures?

JoneInc. said...

so, I have a yard of the fabric that you have bits of on the painting - LOVE!
and the shoes look great! Are they comfy?
I bought that same towel at Anthropologie the other day - cupcakes! cute....
thanks for sharing!