Thursday, November 19, 2009

A mouth full

OOh two posts in less than a week. Am I on a roll or what?
Tomorrow my friend Ellen and I are making the trek to anthropologie(2 hours away). I am not sure if I hope I see lots I love or nothing I adore. Then we are going to some junkie/antique stores. I'm on the search for old lace, nice old fabric, and an old metal truck (toy) that I can put art stuff in. Should be fun. And I got to cancel Chloe's orthodontist consultation appointment to go. See now I can use the orthodontist money at anthropologie . Kidding guys, I won't let the daughter walk around with a wreck of a mouth. Well the mouth is already full of sass, but I want the teeth to at least look nice as she uses that sarcastic wit she mysteriously aquired.
Maybe more on Sunday with documentation of my finds...

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Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

The old truck sounds interesting....I could need one myself for some action in the Vintage Fairy Tales...