Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay here's my french outfit I wore the day after writing my blog last week but it looks more like a french frumpy thing than anything too glamorous. Still I like it. The skirt wasn't really suppose to be there but the dress thing was too sheer. Anyway, I'm even wearing my Eiffel tower necklace. n'est mauvais.
This week's wardrobe challenge is to wear heels all week. If I get through the whole week in my purple heeled shoes (if you're lucky I amy include a picture), I told myself maybe just maybe I could finally buy some cowgirl boots.
Ah, last wee-end I was behind a blue van that had a bumper sticker that said, Follow me to Italy so I thought, Okay, and I did for several blocks until another car cut me off and there went my trip to Italy.
I did do some journal work this week-end but can't scan it because the page next to it is all glued up. Maybe during mid week. I still can't figure out how to do white on white painting. Any one have any tips on that?
Guess this is a shorty. I'll try to put my page up soon. tra la la.


taylor said...

Sorry about the typos gang. Usually I can go to edit after I post and correct them but for some reason today it is not working. Blah typos drive me crazy. I do not admire them.

Kelly Kilmer said...

VERY cute outfit!!!!!

I love the Follow Me To Italy story..that cracked me up.

What kind of white on white painting are you interested in???

jrholmes said...

Taylor, All I can say is that you are TOO funny! Thanks for a laugh today!

danielle hanson said...

You look fabulous but more importantly you look very happy!!! Did you take the photo just after your italian jaunt?
White on white paintings usually inolve cheating by mixing very small amounts of another colour in the paint, you know how some white papers are slightly different kinds of white?

Thank you for your generous comments on ragtalesxx

Lisa said...

I want a pair of vintage cowboy boots...just haven't found the right pair. I want a fun color. I love that you are smiling in this is taken in your class?

jone hallmark said...

You are SO funny!
I love reading your blog posts!!!!!
Good to see that big ol' smile on your face, Taylor!
...and I wanna see those purple shoes!!!

Renee said...

YOU are sooooo cute! LOVE that you are smiling in this darling photo . . . you deserve some cowgirl boots! Yee Haw got get some red ones!
xoxx, Renée