Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full of Kit Kats

Pages pages, here are some more pages I worked on this week-end. That extra hour really seemed to give me time.I love chairs so I had fun with the chair page. I tried using my new glazing fluid with my paint but I think I used too much paint with it. I will have to try again. Next time I want to try and do some white pages- everything in white tones.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween. It isn't my favorite holiday, but that's okay. Orange is growing on me. We only had about seven trick or treaters (I think our street is too dark and filled with older people) so I now have a whole bag of
Kit Kats to deal with. Such dilemmas. Eat or give away? They are orange which is kind of interesting. They just don't taste like chocolate when they are orange. More like a white chocolate type of confection. Probably more than you need to know about my left over Kit Kats.

I am missing France/Paris and realized I am no longer wearing my Parisian clothes so since it will be warm tomorrow I will get back into them. They made me feel lighter and bouncier. It also looks like time for a hair cut. My hair feels like it's strangling me after running. Okay so now you know way too many trivial things about me this week- what about you? What are you up to? What have you created? What are you enjoying wearing?
Thanks for visiting.


Lisa said...

Are you saying the kit kats are actually orange? I have never seen orange ones. Perhaps you need to fly back to Paris to get some more clothes? I have a couple projects I plan on posting soon...but as always I am readingblogs instead of posting:)

danielle hanson said...

Aah Taylor,
You are doing so well to keep scrap booking and posting! Fancy not liking Halloween, what about all that black and purple!!!
I love reading you blog, your writing is so illustrative and expressive...wonderful stuff.
By the way I think you need to return to Briancon next summer so that we can all meet up again? Katie is building more rooms and they are a lower price since they are dorm style???? speak soon Daniellexxx

Christine said...

Hi :-)
Thanks for stopping by.
I love that your header has birds as shoes :-))

Jill Holmes said...

I love it that you post your journal pages. I have actually posted a couple of new things on my blog--I know--HUGE shocker! You inspired me to do more...and to journal more, too.

jone said...

I often laugh out loud when I read your blog, Taylor, because your random thoughts and comments are just like the ones swimming around in MY head! of conciousness.......

I'm enjoying your collage books and really like the purple page on this post.

Thanks for your comments on my blog of endless felt "objets d'arts"....sigh.....xo