Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full of grey

Hey Friends,
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was marginal. Nothing bad really happened, just feeling melancholy baby. So here is the page to accompany my mood. Started another page about courage but need some images and another page with fabric ideas. My friend Ellen has been more than generous with fabric giving.

First she gave me this really wonderful old jar with really nice lace pieces in it and a lot of other cool stuff including old buttons, sequins and what not. (Pantry Violets: I think what not is like your bits and bobs.) Anyway she topped that off three days later by giving me three bags full with fabric pieces and scraps including tons of velvets and feed sack pieces. A lot I will bring to school and some I have kept which leads me to my new give away... tell me what you would make out of a bunch of cool fabric swatches and you may win a pile of them. The drawing will be held on December 12 so keep your ideas coming.
Anthropology documentation is quite slim. Cool tights in my colors, a thick chunky scarf I probably could have knit myself and a half price floral shirt. I'm putting the picture of these goods on the Violet Pantry Blog site.
Still no haircut, but hopefully soon. Last week I got an eye opener. Usually I part my hair one way. I decided to part it on the other side and discovered where all the white hair was hiding out. It was incredible(and not in a great way). Needless to say I have gone back to the original part.
My little dumpling is 15 today. Last night she hosted ten friends at a restaurant. She left with three boxes of leftovers. Hmm Maybe they were her gifts? Guess we have to get the party started... Peaceful thoughts to you all.

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danielle hanson said...

oh Taylor, why so sad when christmas is in the air! actually completely agree with the barhumbug attitude...every year I wonder how I managed it the previous year....I really like the grey illustration though! whatever happened to your purple phase?