Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full of grey

Hey Friends,
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was marginal. Nothing bad really happened, just feeling melancholy baby. So here is the page to accompany my mood. Started another page about courage but need some images and another page with fabric ideas. My friend Ellen has been more than generous with fabric giving.

First she gave me this really wonderful old jar with really nice lace pieces in it and a lot of other cool stuff including old buttons, sequins and what not. (Pantry Violets: I think what not is like your bits and bobs.) Anyway she topped that off three days later by giving me three bags full with fabric pieces and scraps including tons of velvets and feed sack pieces. A lot I will bring to school and some I have kept which leads me to my new give away... tell me what you would make out of a bunch of cool fabric swatches and you may win a pile of them. The drawing will be held on December 12 so keep your ideas coming.
Anthropology documentation is quite slim. Cool tights in my colors, a thick chunky scarf I probably could have knit myself and a half price floral shirt. I'm putting the picture of these goods on the Violet Pantry Blog site.
Still no haircut, but hopefully soon. Last week I got an eye opener. Usually I part my hair one way. I decided to part it on the other side and discovered where all the white hair was hiding out. It was incredible(and not in a great way). Needless to say I have gone back to the original part.
My little dumpling is 15 today. Last night she hosted ten friends at a restaurant. She left with three boxes of leftovers. Hmm Maybe they were her gifts? Guess we have to get the party started... Peaceful thoughts to you all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A mouth full

OOh two posts in less than a week. Am I on a roll or what?
Tomorrow my friend Ellen and I are making the trek to anthropologie(2 hours away). I am not sure if I hope I see lots I love or nothing I adore. Then we are going to some junkie/antique stores. I'm on the search for old lace, nice old fabric, and an old metal truck (toy) that I can put art stuff in. Should be fun. And I got to cancel Chloe's orthodontist consultation appointment to go. See now I can use the orthodontist money at anthropologie . Kidding guys, I won't let the daughter walk around with a wreck of a mouth. Well the mouth is already full of sass, but I want the teeth to at least look nice as she uses that sarcastic wit she mysteriously aquired.
Maybe more on Sunday with documentation of my finds...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange you full of cupcakes?

Bonjour mon amies,
Hope you had a great weekend. We had some fantastic weather. Great for outside running. So above journal page was my attempt at working with white paint on a white background with a person which obviously didn't work. I know I have to tint the white paint very lightly, but I am not one for subtlety (did I really spell that right?) so I shall keep trying. I tried on another page too but it twas a disaster. I covered most of it up with tissue paper and am trying something else.
Update time: Alas I still have not run into the van I am suppose to follow to Italy.
I did manage to wear the lavender heels (not the ones below) all day on Monday. I was very proud of myself. Tuesday it rained. Then Wednesday I brought the below purple ones and wore them for about 40 minutes but I felt a bit foolish and also they were too loose so no cowboy boots this week.
Whoa baby, my leg does not look too enticing in this picture. The cupcakes look much more delicious. Speaking of which... today the little chef whipped up some cupcakes with orange runny icing(she must miss Halloween.) She even left me with a big glob of icing in the bowl to wash or eat. Guess which I picked?
Au revoir for now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay here's my french outfit I wore the day after writing my blog last week but it looks more like a french frumpy thing than anything too glamorous. Still I like it. The skirt wasn't really suppose to be there but the dress thing was too sheer. Anyway, I'm even wearing my Eiffel tower necklace. n'est mauvais.
This week's wardrobe challenge is to wear heels all week. If I get through the whole week in my purple heeled shoes (if you're lucky I amy include a picture), I told myself maybe just maybe I could finally buy some cowgirl boots.
Ah, last wee-end I was behind a blue van that had a bumper sticker that said, Follow me to Italy so I thought, Okay, and I did for several blocks until another car cut me off and there went my trip to Italy.
I did do some journal work this week-end but can't scan it because the page next to it is all glued up. Maybe during mid week. I still can't figure out how to do white on white painting. Any one have any tips on that?
Guess this is a shorty. I'll try to put my page up soon. tra la la.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full of Kit Kats

Pages pages, here are some more pages I worked on this week-end. That extra hour really seemed to give me time.I love chairs so I had fun with the chair page. I tried using my new glazing fluid with my paint but I think I used too much paint with it. I will have to try again. Next time I want to try and do some white pages- everything in white tones.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween. It isn't my favorite holiday, but that's okay. Orange is growing on me. We only had about seven trick or treaters (I think our street is too dark and filled with older people) so I now have a whole bag of
Kit Kats to deal with. Such dilemmas. Eat or give away? They are orange which is kind of interesting. They just don't taste like chocolate when they are orange. More like a white chocolate type of confection. Probably more than you need to know about my left over Kit Kats.

I am missing France/Paris and realized I am no longer wearing my Parisian clothes so since it will be warm tomorrow I will get back into them. They made me feel lighter and bouncier. It also looks like time for a hair cut. My hair feels like it's strangling me after running. Okay so now you know way too many trivial things about me this week- what about you? What are you up to? What have you created? What are you enjoying wearing?
Thanks for visiting.