Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two pages full

It was a journal day. I worked on these two pages. Next I hope I get some sewing done. I really want to make a rose rabbit type of doll so that might be next, but alas I must go do my running chore for today and make dinner.
What do you think of my new banner girl next to half full up above? My cousin helped me achieve this goal. It is a bit odd since she has to be lying down but I like it in a way like that. Maybe she's saying okay I've had enough.
Here's how I am doing on my apron. I found this floral linen fabric piece at the antique mall and I want to sew it on to the apron, but I am scared that I will ruin it. Wish me luck. I guess that is about it for today. Thanks for visiting.


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi Taylor!
I love your new banner and the fact that she is lying down. A very good position;)
Go on with the apron! Just do what ever you want to, don´t be scared!
"Make it rough" like Julie said!
A big hug

Kelly Kilmer said...

Cool banner!!!!!!

jone hallmark said...

I really like your lady at the top with "half full".....
I also agree with Becky, "Go on with the apron!"
You won't ruin it. If is turns out to be something you are not pleased with, you can take it out and do something else.

"Don't worry about the end thing."

xoxo Jone

danielle hanson said...

Go girl Go...scrap dinner, don't you have KFC in your town!
great banner and a very coooool style!
Happy HAlloween
Danielle xxx

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Hey Taylor! You have really been on my mind lately...I need to call you and catch up.

I LOVE your banner!


Jill Holmes said...

Love the banner...wish I were brave enough to draw people...