Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two pages full

It was a journal day. I worked on these two pages. Next I hope I get some sewing done. I really want to make a rose rabbit type of doll so that might be next, but alas I must go do my running chore for today and make dinner.
What do you think of my new banner girl next to half full up above? My cousin helped me achieve this goal. It is a bit odd since she has to be lying down but I like it in a way like that. Maybe she's saying okay I've had enough.
Here's how I am doing on my apron. I found this floral linen fabric piece at the antique mall and I want to sew it on to the apron, but I am scared that I will ruin it. Wish me luck. I guess that is about it for today. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, October 12, 2009

just half full

I have started a little scrap book full of just pieces of stuff I have piled around. I could probably fill an encyclopedia with all my scraps. It has been really fun to do so far but I have a ways to go with this book. Looks like I have to work on my scanning technique as well. More color saturation and pixel action. Thanks Kelly for the idea. And DJ's bird is hiding in the cool frame on the right. I'll show more when I have finished.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Full of cibo amare

Buongiorno Amica,
I know the timing is not good financially, but my heart is saying Italy, Italy, so I think I am going for it this summer in June. I will even get to go to the water buffalo mozzarella cheeses farm and see how they make limoncello. (Did someone say samples? ) For those of you who say "you always go places and never tell me"- I'm telling you now (uh that would be you Lorraine) and would LOVE to have a traveling friend so if you want to go or are even thinking about it let me know. Two(or even more) is much more fun that one. I promise I won't hog all the mozzarella up.
No, I won't be bringing the darling daughter. She asked if she could come with me today and I reminded her that they spoke Italian there, but she was still interested. As much as I love her, I think not.
Nothing else going on other than dreaming of Italy. Cupcake week went well but now it's days and days of fund raiser art- actually it isn't too bad. The artists are liking their themes and the third grade has really impressed me with their egret pictures(much better than mine).
Funny I look at my profile of favorite places, books, and music and nothing has changed. I am not sure if that is good or bad.
Ciao bellas until I create some new artsie thing.