Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hello, hello,
Here are my two latest journal pages. The first one is a floral one. I saw this really cool art piece in the August British Country Homes and Gardens where the artist a had drawn these beautiful flowers on something like notebook paper and put it as the background of an open shadow box and then she added her homemade dolls. I tried to work on the flowers. Hers was different but I like mine too.

The next picture I like because I worked a bit on shading and it came out okay with the neocolor lls. I know it needs more work but I thought it was a good start.
Here here to the weekend. Maybe some more baklava or other sweet treat. Brownies with chocolate pieces?
I got my Artfest confirmation material and I cannot wait to go and see my art pals and try some new art stuff. I am still working on the faces and poor Misty will be seeing me again as I try to perfect(umm... paint) a face. Then I will have two new teachers for me- Lynne Perrella and Patricia Seggebruch. OOH and the yummy cookies and soup at the food coop. Oh March please hurry up.
Having some fun with the kindergartners this week. Making up songs in our extra time. Gluing doesn't take that long, but too long to start another project. I promised them that next week would be cupcake art week since they were oozing with cupcake stories to tell me. Have a great weekend and leave me a yummy comment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A bit Full of Baklava

Hi Friends,
Can't remember if I have shown these purses I made or not. I need to get back into the swing of making more of them. Right now, I am getting stumped on these small velvet bracelets I am trying to create. They are harder than I thought. I have to learn to cut, hand, and draw evenly.
Wanted to let you know I tried this great easy recipe last night: real link here- Don't know how to do that yet)
I watched it on the food channel while I was on the treadmill. I don't usually watch this show but they looked good and the cook kept saying how delish (well I guess that would be Rachel Ray) and easy they were and sure enough they actually were. Only thing is that after you make them they are suppose to spend at least 5 hours in the fridge. I couldn't wait and snuck a taste before that and they were good then too. They are like baklava without the trouble. Too bad I am trying to cut down on junk food.
Lisa A (not to be confused with Lisa B or Lisa C) recommended a DVD that I really enjoyed called Arranged. It had a nice level of subtle humor in it and was really good. Making the baklava and then watching the DVD could be a good combo.
Well it's back to school for me tomorrow and more work on the tricky bracelets. Tra la la.