Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Full of this and that

Hey all,
I think I am off to Columbia, SC for a few days of online school computer training if they could please tell me when and where. ( I am suppose to be there tomorrow but haven't a clue as to the 5 Ws). Anyway I thought I would leave you with some images. The first is a photo of things I forgot I bought in France and a better glimpse at Help.
Here's the stuff I couldn't resist at anthropologie
and finally who could this lovely walking box person be? I bet you haven't the foggiest. I'll give you a hint- she got a bureau at IKEA and put all the drawers together by herself. Guess what she is unhappily getting for her birthday? An electric screwdriver. More in awhile, maybe I'll even get some journal pages done at the hotel in Columbia if they give me more info.


Kelly Kilmer said...

You've got one smart cookie under that box!! LOL!!! I'm impressed about putting it together by himself.

LOVE your new stash of goodies!

Kelly Kilmer said...

oy. meant herself HERSELF. LOL I wrote you back a note Taylor saying I was thinking of MY boy doing something like YOUR GIRL did. What is it with kids and boxes? It's the funniest thing. Give them boxes and tape and they go wild.

Your kiddo is one smart cookie for putting it together HERSELF.

Jill Holmes said...

Taylor, this is TOO funny! I love the walking box!