Sunday, August 23, 2009

Full of First Graders

Here I am back after the first week of school. Still breathing so that is a good sign. 30 first graders at one time is not such a good sign, but they said they might be able to cut it down to 26. Kindness. (not sure what happened here with formatting)
Here is the project I need to work on.
I made these faces and what not with paper clay.

Next I painted them, but now I have to do something with them. I tried making a doll out of one in France but I didn't like the look. Any ideas?

Let's see what else... little Miss is taking a fashion class and will actually have to sew stuff. Ah can't wait to see that. Their first project is pajamas. Maybe I can get a picture of them for you guys.
No internet high school this semester. Not enough student interest. It is a nice hiatus for me. May go to Round Top flea market thing with Lorraine outside of Austin. Could be fun.
Still working on the flowers. Hope you are all well and doing fun things. Tra la la.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I love your faces!!!!!!!

Good luck with school!

jone hallmark said...

Round Top is an experience. I grew up in Austin and remember when the Round Top thing began...a long time ago and MUCH smaller!
Your faces are great, Taylor. What about a cloth body and some paper clay hands and feet? You could put holes in them so they could be stitched to the fabric body... .was just talking to Danielle about something like that.....OR you could frame them in a shadowbox frame all together....on some cool background pattern (fabric or painted)
I am inspired. Ready to tackle paper clay...! xo Jone