Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full of Paris

Bonjour mon amis,
We are back from France.
Ah Paris.... Lessons learned:
1. Contact me before you consider taking your 14 year old daughter to a different country. "Mom, they all speak French here!" (Not said in a delightful tone.)
2. I need at least a year in Paris to really experience it.
3. Those macaron cookies are very unique. They are really pretty but don't taste that great, except they grow on you and you definitely decide to eat them instead of throwing them away and then actually want to buy more.
4. One euro sounds cheaper than it really is.
5. They have nicer clothes in Paris.
6. It is great to come to Paris during the end of June- soldes everywhere. (sales)

So what did we do in Paris you might wonder? Well one of our first excursions was to Monet's garden on the train. Chloe decided she wanted to go since it would be a good photo opportunity. It was quite a haul to get there, but very beautiful. Chloe is standing on one of Monet's bridges in the picture above.
Most of the rest of our time there was spent shopping. (or sleeping in Chloe's case) Chloe was happy to find H&M and I was thrilled to find Lille Buelle.
We ate pizza many nights as little Missy did not want French food. I was just thankful I didn't have to take her to McDonalds.
I finally got to go visit Nathalie Lete at her studio. It was an amazing place filled with color and loads of her work. I was really taken with her rugs and can't wait for her Little Red Ridinghood book to come out in September.

On our last day we went to the Eiffel Tower and took a zillion pictures. We actually walked up to the second level by the stairs(vertigo) and then took the elevator to the top level where we were greeted with a rain storm, but that didn't stop my little model/photographer from wanting to take pictures. We returned to the Eiffel tower after our pizza dinner at an Italian restaurant and a chocolate mousse at a touristy brasserie and admired the lights and the 5 minutes of twinkling. Chloe got some good pictures of that. While we were waiting for the twinkling we kept hearing sounds as if a protest march was coming our way. We could barely figure out what they were saying but finally decided it was a memorial walk for Michael Jackson.
My next posting will be of the French countryside and the Julie Arkel workshop.
Au revoir


Kelly Kilmer said...

Bon Jour!!! I hope you two had FUN! Very cute pictures!!!!!!!!!

I've never had a macaroon. They do look very cute and colorful in photos but for some reason, I don't think I will like them. lol

Can't wait to see more pix and to hear more stories!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Can't wait to see more pictures.

Jill Holmes said...

Awesome, Taylor!

Renee said...

oui oui can't wait to read more about your French adventure. I am in CO with horses, dogs & Bob very sporadic internet - a curse & blessing I suppose!
xoxx, R