Sunday, July 26, 2009

Full of Bits

Show and Tell Time Gang:
I bought these two dolls in Kentucky before I went to France. We were told to bring dolls to the workshop, but we never used them. I really adore these two gals. They are fragile and a bit melancholy.

The art balls I got in Savannah after France along with the other cool stuff in the next picture. I got almost all of it at a neat store called @home. The wallpaper is beautiful but beat up and I love the red velvet bird. The hat ages me a bit, in my opinion, but some have said it looks good. Who knows. Cool fabric from a tiny fabric shop called fabrika.

And I finished two new flowers. Got a lot of it done while visiting my friend Dana. The more the better I think.

In other news, Lisa you have won the give away once again. Amazing- three time winner. Your giftie will arrive as soon as I finish sewing it (don't y'all start laughing now)

School will start again before I know it. Deciding if I should go to NYC or anywhere else before the inevitable. Part of me really wants to but part likes staying home. What ever should I do? For now maybe I can finish my apron/hospital gown. Keep on making cool stuff. Au revoir.


Lisa said...

I can't believe it...I thought for sure my luck would run out. I should have you buy me a lottery ticket in your home town. a trip to NY sounds like fun. Maybe you would take more pictures this time.

sam said...

Taylor I love the flowers!