Sunday, July 12, 2009

France Fully-amazing

Welcome to part two of my trip to France. This picture was taken by Chloe near the gite we stayed in about 4 miles from the Maison where the Julie Arkell workshop was held. Chloe rode a bike down to the sunflowers (through a wickedly strong sprinkler) and I walked. It was a really nice time for both of us. (yes we actually had one or two of those...)
I had a great time at the workshop (close to the town of Verteillac- good luck finding it on the map).
When we got off the train to meet our ride to Verteillac, Chloe and I met 4 other women crazy excited to be in France and at the workshop. It was so infectious that we didn't even mind when the car would not start during the heatwave and we had to eventually all crowd together in the Landrover. (hello Clare) From then on it was an amazing journey with some very special women. Each one of them had their own gifts to share as well as quirks of personality. I wish I could tell you about each one of them.
We met Julie at the Maison and had an amazing dinner. All the food was incredible during our stay. The ice cream was to die for and Dave made a great fish curry.

{Picture notes: Here is Julie during our final show and tell with our finished creations. There were some amazing things.
The other photos here are of the Maison backyard, the gite and my true love blue car. I wish I could have taken that back.}

Anyway back to the workshop. On the first day, we ooed and ahhed about what everyone brought(you know fabric, crocheted flowers, notions...) Julie had a lovely display of many of her magical pieces to inspire us.
We spent the day sewing and rummaging through the rag bag/rag floor.
During the five days, we also took a trip to the market and to a french brocante (old things type of store). It was amazing what these women found on these trips.

The part of the trip I enjoyed the most was sitting around the table as everyone sewed their bits together and talked. There were English, Swedish, and American accents. I miss hearing Joanna talk so much I feel as though I have to call her.
Julie A is a wonderful person and I am so glad I got to meet her and spend 5 days with her. Although we did not talk too much, I loved her personality and the way she thinks- plus each day the clothing she wore was a visual treat in itself.
Next time I will write about what I missed and what I made. (yeah Sam and Margo- this is where I talk about you two... just kidding). Until next time mon amies.
Oh a little give away- tell me which word I over used in this posting(and how many times) to win a small souvenir from France. I'll randomly pick one person from the posted comments.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I'm so happy you had such an AMAZING time!!!! LOVE the photos!!

Lis said...

I really want to win this would be AMAZING. Glad you had fun...more pictures coming soon?