Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Full of Pages

Here are some of my journal pages from France. I photographed them instead of scanning so they could look a bit blurry- but I see things that way anyway. On the first one the black page turns to see the inside which is the next photo. The last photo is of the time I spent at the workshop. I sure wish I were still there- either place. Enjoy and write me a comment. Next up are the anthropologie goodies.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Full of Bits

Show and Tell Time Gang:
I bought these two dolls in Kentucky before I went to France. We were told to bring dolls to the workshop, but we never used them. I really adore these two gals. They are fragile and a bit melancholy.

The art balls I got in Savannah after France along with the other cool stuff in the next picture. I got almost all of it at a neat store called @home. The wallpaper is beautiful but beat up and I love the red velvet bird. The hat ages me a bit, in my opinion, but some have said it looks good. Who knows. Cool fabric from a tiny fabric shop called fabrika.

And I finished two new flowers. Got a lot of it done while visiting my friend Dana. The more the better I think.

In other news, Lisa you have won the give away once again. Amazing- three time winner. Your giftie will arrive as soon as I finish sewing it (don't y'all start laughing now)

School will start again before I know it. Deciding if I should go to NYC or anywhere else before the inevitable. Part of me really wants to but part likes staying home. What ever should I do? For now maybe I can finish my apron/hospital gown. Keep on making cool stuff. Au revoir.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Full of Stuff

I know, I know...what you have been waiting for- the stuff.
Okay I will start with what I made- not too much, but that was okay. I did learn how to make a french knot after 18 tries and that was a great achievement. I had trouble creating anything that I really liked except this very rough bracelet that looks like a long rectangle in the picture. Julie showed us all how to make the fabric flowers and I love the way mine came out. I have started making a few more since I got back. My doll reminds of a marshmallow headed caveman. Not my best.

What I got...

These are my favorite things that I bought in Paris. Mostly books of course. My beautiful doll help that I bought from Julie is leaning against the shopping bag but she is hard to see. I will have to showcase her a different time.
I had a little shirt frenzy in Paris.
These shirts were quite inexpensive and four were actually purchased at the same store right next door to our hotel. Also during the workshop market day I bought a white skirt and some white bloomer pants.

And now the sad part.
What I wanted to buy but wasn't able to. (Actually there was more but I didn't get to photograph them). Sam bought Rose Rabbit from Julie and I just adore her (and Sam too) and Margo beat me to this cute little dress made by Katie our hostess .
The colors are much better than this picture portrays. It had my name on it (kidding) so I am not sure how Margo managed to get it before me. It looks like a shirt, but on me it was a dress. Anyway Margo has been very nice about the whole thing and the most special part of my rough looking bracelet is that I found a small piece of the dress fabric in the rag pile and stitched it to the inside of the bracelet. Oh Sam also got some beautiful rose fabric from Katie that I had admired. That woman is quick...
And there you have it...
Don't forget about the drawing for a French
souvenir. I don't know Lisa, you may be a three time winner. (then Kelly may think the whole thing is rigged.) I think there may be more people visiting my blog then I think there are. Please leave me a comment so I know you came to visit. It will really make me happy to know who has come to visit. au revoir.
PS. My blog set up looked so nice in preview but looks awful as a post. I am not sure how to fix it. I have tried but it still looks so blah and disconnected. oh well, I tried.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Full of Paris

Oh la la,
The car is no longer on the last posting so here it is now along with more Eiffel tower pictures.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

France Fully-amazing

Welcome to part two of my trip to France. This picture was taken by Chloe near the gite we stayed in about 4 miles from the Maison where the Julie Arkell workshop was held. Chloe rode a bike down to the sunflowers (through a wickedly strong sprinkler) and I walked. It was a really nice time for both of us. (yes we actually had one or two of those...)
I had a great time at the workshop (close to the town of Verteillac- good luck finding it on the map).
When we got off the train to meet our ride to Verteillac, Chloe and I met 4 other women crazy excited to be in France and at the workshop. It was so infectious that we didn't even mind when the car would not start during the heatwave and we had to eventually all crowd together in the Landrover. (hello Clare) From then on it was an amazing journey with some very special women. Each one of them had their own gifts to share as well as quirks of personality. I wish I could tell you about each one of them.
We met Julie at the Maison and had an amazing dinner. All the food was incredible during our stay. The ice cream was to die for and Dave made a great fish curry.

{Picture notes: Here is Julie during our final show and tell with our finished creations. There were some amazing things.
The other photos here are of the Maison backyard, the gite and my true love blue car. I wish I could have taken that back.}

Anyway back to the workshop. On the first day, we ooed and ahhed about what everyone brought(you know fabric, crocheted flowers, notions...) Julie had a lovely display of many of her magical pieces to inspire us.
We spent the day sewing and rummaging through the rag bag/rag floor.
During the five days, we also took a trip to the market and to a french brocante (old things type of store). It was amazing what these women found on these trips.

The part of the trip I enjoyed the most was sitting around the table as everyone sewed their bits together and talked. There were English, Swedish, and American accents. I miss hearing Joanna talk so much I feel as though I have to call her.
Julie A is a wonderful person and I am so glad I got to meet her and spend 5 days with her. Although we did not talk too much, I loved her personality and the way she thinks- plus each day the clothing she wore was a visual treat in itself.
Next time I will write about what I missed and what I made. (yeah Sam and Margo- this is where I talk about you two... just kidding). Until next time mon amies.
Oh a little give away- tell me which word I over used in this posting(and how many times) to win a small souvenir from France. I'll randomly pick one person from the posted comments.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full of Paris

Bonjour mon amis,
We are back from France.
Ah Paris.... Lessons learned:
1. Contact me before you consider taking your 14 year old daughter to a different country. "Mom, they all speak French here!" (Not said in a delightful tone.)
2. I need at least a year in Paris to really experience it.
3. Those macaron cookies are very unique. They are really pretty but don't taste that great, except they grow on you and you definitely decide to eat them instead of throwing them away and then actually want to buy more.
4. One euro sounds cheaper than it really is.
5. They have nicer clothes in Paris.
6. It is great to come to Paris during the end of June- soldes everywhere. (sales)

So what did we do in Paris you might wonder? Well one of our first excursions was to Monet's garden on the train. Chloe decided she wanted to go since it would be a good photo opportunity. It was quite a haul to get there, but very beautiful. Chloe is standing on one of Monet's bridges in the picture above.
Most of the rest of our time there was spent shopping. (or sleeping in Chloe's case) Chloe was happy to find H&M and I was thrilled to find Lille Buelle.
We ate pizza many nights as little Missy did not want French food. I was just thankful I didn't have to take her to McDonalds.
I finally got to go visit Nathalie Lete at her studio. It was an amazing place filled with color and loads of her work. I was really taken with her rugs and can't wait for her Little Red Ridinghood book to come out in September.

On our last day we went to the Eiffel Tower and took a zillion pictures. We actually walked up to the second level by the stairs(vertigo) and then took the elevator to the top level where we were greeted with a rain storm, but that didn't stop my little model/photographer from wanting to take pictures. We returned to the Eiffel tower after our pizza dinner at an Italian restaurant and a chocolate mousse at a touristy brasserie and admired the lights and the 5 minutes of twinkling. Chloe got some good pictures of that. While we were waiting for the twinkling we kept hearing sounds as if a protest march was coming our way. We could barely figure out what they were saying but finally decided it was a memorial walk for Michael Jackson.
My next posting will be of the French countryside and the Julie Arkel workshop.
Au revoir