Thursday, June 11, 2009

FULL OF PINK (or.. it's all about me)

Here are some pink stories because you know I adore pink. This is my new pink bike. I stopped my membership at the gym (at least for this month) so I bought a bike instead but the workout is not the same. I tried running outside- tres chaud and now I am without a good exercise plan but the proud owner of a pink bike. Actually a little friend of mine has clung on to this bike so I actually had to ride the clunker to Publix yesterday and she rode the Rolls Royce. Predictable.

Over here I have two stores in one. First off the pink box. I don't know why I took it other than it was pink. I was at Costco. They even asked me, did I need a box and I said no, but upon leaving the store I saw this lovely pink box and couldn't resist. Only a pink lover would take an empty pink box without any purpose in mind. And yes I still have the box sitting around.
I found this cowboy sock monkey in my drawer by accident. I was looking for something to wear and I found this wrapped up tissue paper thing. I opened it and inside was this cowboy. I am sure I must have bought it but have no recollection of when and why. I wasn't so sickly monkey crazed then. Cowboy monkey had fun in school shaking hands and talking cowboy talk. One little girl (Angelina Jolie- no kidding) finally brought him in a toy horse because he was getting tired of riding the cat someone made in the 3D sculpture center.

Not pink news: here is the sock monkey I just finished. I think I am giving it to Natlelie Lete in Paris when I meet her but I will need to accessorize her. She is small and obviously handmade. It will be hard to part with her, but I shall.
For those of you thinking I am already in Paris so you do not have to correspond with me... wrong. I leave on June 26 and will be back on July 8 so there is still plenty of time to send me messages, treats, cupcakes, sock monkeys, books, the works. I'll be waiting...


Kelly Kilmer said...

Love love love the bike!! LOVE the sockey monkey too!!!!

Granny Jan said...

Aw, that little cowboy sock monkey is sooo adorable! Of course, I may be partial because I live on Sock Monkey Ranch and he looks like he would fit in perfectly here!

Drop by sometime:

sophities said...

Have a will love it!!!!!

edina said...

Hi Taylor!

Thanks for visiting my blog. That's great that you're going to Paris, too! Let me know if you have any questions - we were there for 2 weeks so I've got lots of suggestions for places to eat, etc.

Bon Voyage,

Edina :)

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Let me know when you are back! I'm green with envy! :0>