Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love these sunflowers created by a first grader. They make me so happy to look at. This student is an ace at drawing. He drew this street scene from the 1920s or whenever the model T car was around. He even included a house with a mansard roof.
Yes, I renewed at the gym, but so far only month by month. We shall see. The gym seems to be going down hill. You have to bring your own towel now and can easily get locked out of they don't key you in. Still running outside in August can't be that wonderful.
OOH I am a lucky bunny. Not only will I meet Julie Arkel in France, but I am going to Nathalie Lete's studio in Paris. I am in Artist Heaven. Kelly, I really wish you could fit in my suitcase. I'm only bringing carry on so it could be a challenge.
Anyone who has stayed in a nice yet reasonable place in Paris, please give me the details. 
Oh yeah, that reminds me about the drawing. I better get the names down. Okay the winner of the what should Taylor do about her dud workshop/plane ticket dilemma is...the lovely Lisa C. Wow Lisa you won last time too. OOH I'll let you know if I need your address again. Thanks  to the rest of you for your suggestions.
I'll be back soon because I have a fun picture to show you but I still have to download it. Til then...


Kelly Kilmer said...

I am totally jealous of you.

Lisa said...

Yay! I have only ever won here so makes me feel special. When are you going to Paris?