Sunday, May 31, 2009

NOT full of baked goods

Yummo- These cupcakes don't look that great but they were pretty tasty. Notice most have a little piece missing from them(or the whole layer of frosting!)? That's because Chloe loves me so much she has to sample each one to make sure I don't get sick from them. 
When Chloe says she is going to bake something for the family it means she will bake it and the family can clean up. If we are lucky she will give us a small sample before it goes into the Chloe vault somewhere in her room. Me being the luckiest, usually will get asked the next day, "Do you want a cupcake or macaroon?"  I of course say yes and I get one with half of it already missing. I know- she is just making sure they are still good- or maybe she is helping me watch my weight.

This is who really is eating all the baked goods in the house:

Here is the little darling after "discovering" I made her a knitted hat. See Lisa, I never even knew I could knit a hat. Actually this knitted piece is to be a felted purse, but hey I always wanted to make a hat. You can't see, but the top of it is still open. Sorry about the blue underline. I know there is a simple way to fix it, but I have not discovered it yet so someone let me know.

What ever you do... don't tell Chloe her picture is all over my blog(and these are not very flattering pictures of  my little darling). She will get really mad and probably leave home.. hmm.... Just kidding but Renee, I would get the guest room ready. Once she sees these she will be outta here- as I am. Time to make dinner (story of my life).
Stay tuned for next time when it's all about... you'll just have to see. 


Kelly Kilmer said...

Those are GREAT pictures!!!

Jill Holmes said...

I want a cupcake with homemade icing!!!!! Yummy!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

she's soooo pretty Taylor...