Monday, May 25, 2009

Full of Lisa stuff

OOh ooh I can't believe I remembered.   Hope you had a great day and lots of chicken kisses. Sorry about the blurriness. 
The next picture is of the give away prize that Lisa finally is getting from my last giveaway. Yeah I know guys... it's all about Lisa but tomorrow if I am not too tired after work it'll be all about me. Well actually all about Chloe's baking and the next blog after that will be all about me. Yeah to keep you in suspense or something like that. I am having trouble getting my text where I  want it today so I guess I'll just face the chore of making dinner instead. Keep visiting. One day it might be all about you...


Renee said...

OMG - you sure make me look bad! I totally forgot to wish our very SWEET friend Lisa a VERY Happy B'DAY! So thanks for the reminder - next time send me a reminder ahead of time for ALL the AF group! I know I can COUNT on you to do that. OK now I am OFF to find the best LISA stuff so I don't lose my BAFF title to anyone - SO THERE!
xoxx, R

Lisa said...

Thanks Taylor! Can't wait to get my looks wonderful.

I went to glass beach on Mother's day and took pictures of land marks so you can find it. According to my husband it is about a 2.7 mile hike...but takes a while to hike as you are bending over and picking up stuff as you go. I am going to post a give away of some beach keep an eye out for my post that I have been meaning to post since Mother's day.

Jill Holmes said...

OK. So I am bad, too! I am SO bad about birthdays! My sister's was Thursday and it is now Saturday and I haven't called her yet either! Hey, let me know when the blog is going to be ALL about ME! Ha!