Sunday, May 31, 2009

NOT full of baked goods

Yummo- These cupcakes don't look that great but they were pretty tasty. Notice most have a little piece missing from them(or the whole layer of frosting!)? That's because Chloe loves me so much she has to sample each one to make sure I don't get sick from them. 
When Chloe says she is going to bake something for the family it means she will bake it and the family can clean up. If we are lucky she will give us a small sample before it goes into the Chloe vault somewhere in her room. Me being the luckiest, usually will get asked the next day, "Do you want a cupcake or macaroon?"  I of course say yes and I get one with half of it already missing. I know- she is just making sure they are still good- or maybe she is helping me watch my weight.

This is who really is eating all the baked goods in the house:

Here is the little darling after "discovering" I made her a knitted hat. See Lisa, I never even knew I could knit a hat. Actually this knitted piece is to be a felted purse, but hey I always wanted to make a hat. You can't see, but the top of it is still open. Sorry about the blue underline. I know there is a simple way to fix it, but I have not discovered it yet so someone let me know.

What ever you do... don't tell Chloe her picture is all over my blog(and these are not very flattering pictures of  my little darling). She will get really mad and probably leave home.. hmm.... Just kidding but Renee, I would get the guest room ready. Once she sees these she will be outta here- as I am. Time to make dinner (story of my life).
Stay tuned for next time when it's all about... you'll just have to see. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Full of Lisa stuff

OOh ooh I can't believe I remembered.   Hope you had a great day and lots of chicken kisses. Sorry about the blurriness. 
The next picture is of the give away prize that Lisa finally is getting from my last giveaway. Yeah I know guys... it's all about Lisa but tomorrow if I am not too tired after work it'll be all about me. Well actually all about Chloe's baking and the next blog after that will be all about me. Yeah to keep you in suspense or something like that. I am having trouble getting my text where I  want it today so I guess I'll just face the chore of making dinner instead. Keep visiting. One day it might be all about you...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love these sunflowers created by a first grader. They make me so happy to look at. This student is an ace at drawing. He drew this street scene from the 1920s or whenever the model T car was around. He even included a house with a mansard roof.
Yes, I renewed at the gym, but so far only month by month. We shall see. The gym seems to be going down hill. You have to bring your own towel now and can easily get locked out of they don't key you in. Still running outside in August can't be that wonderful.
OOH I am a lucky bunny. Not only will I meet Julie Arkel in France, but I am going to Nathalie Lete's studio in Paris. I am in Artist Heaven. Kelly, I really wish you could fit in my suitcase. I'm only bringing carry on so it could be a challenge.
Anyone who has stayed in a nice yet reasonable place in Paris, please give me the details. 
Oh yeah, that reminds me about the drawing. I better get the names down. Okay the winner of the what should Taylor do about her dud workshop/plane ticket dilemma is...the lovely Lisa C. Wow Lisa you won last time too. OOH I'll let you know if I need your address again. Thanks  to the rest of you for your suggestions.
I'll be back soon because I have a fun picture to show you but I still have to download it. Til then...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Full of cupcakes

Hey Blogreaders,
Thanks for your suggestions and comments about my misguided trip to LA. I'll keep the giveaway going one more week in case others want to enter with suggestions and/or insight.
As it stands I am just out of luck. The workshop has been postponed until August. I emailed the workshop planner about the possibility of her deducting the $200 (penalty fee I would be charged to change my plane ticket) from the workshop but she said no she was not able to do that. The thing that really bugs me (besides all of it) is that she specifically emailed me about 5 days after I asked about the workshop and told me I better hurray and register because the spots were flying. Who says that and then says the workshop was cancelled because only 4 people signed up? Never again. I was even more sorry when next I looked at Pam's blog and lusted over her beautiful calendar pages. It just isn't fair.
In other news...
Top picture is all my new felting supplies. I got the books in Seattle at Kino-buy-it-all (Kelly, hope you got there today to buy me it all) and then found I could order the needles and flower molds online so I am set to go.
Next picture above is from my Misty class. I think it turned out well, but it is definitely not my style. (Oh I wish it were my style and my stuff just naturally looked like that. I love Misty's work, but I don't want to do the same as her if it isn't me) It's painted over a face Misty copied for us. It did help me to learn more about painting faces so it was great to practice. The picture below is just a layered background and than I started drawing in my own face. That's as far as I got because my paper was too wet, but I kind of like it. I really enjoyed Misty's class and learning about mixing colors for the faces.
Chloe made homemade cupcakes today and I have to say they were pretty good. That gal has some baking talent. Probably because sugar is her best friend. 
It is getting hot out here in South Carolina and the mosquitoes and gnats are out. That's how I know summer is on it's way. Yee-Haw for that.
Hope everyone is doing great and eating cupcakes.