Sunday, April 19, 2009

Full of Paree

Someone is going to France!!! Yay that means Paris along with this tiny  country town in the south west region that I can't even find on the map. I am taking a five day workshop with Julie Arkel (who I adore) in the mystery village of Verteillac and then there is Paris. Oh there is always Paris. OOh la la

Miss you guys... Here are my main Artfest pals this year. We had some fun and many laughs. No pictures of the lively, lovely  Marilyn. Next time honey child. I forgot to say on my way back from Seattle I actually was seated next to a woman who went to Artfest, but alas she didn't even want to say hello to me so I couldn't talk the artfest talk. 

I guess I will return to blogging since I have even more pictures to show my lowly( Oops I guess that isn't a very flattering title) I mean devoted fans. Projects I have done, projects I hope to do, clothes I am returning... the works. But right now I must do the beg the daughter to go to bed so she will wake up in the morning dance.
au revoir


Lisa said...

Paris sounds lovely! I can't believe I didn't take more pictures at ArtFest...I do hope you take a ton in Paris.

Jill Holmes said...

Hope you have fun! DO take lots of photos. I love seeing photos of friends...