Monday, April 27, 2009

Full of questions and a give away

Okay guys I am sooo frustrated and I want your advice about what you would do in this situation. 6 weeks ago, I signed up for an art workshop in LA for the weekend of May 8th. I bought my plane ticket, got my sub, etc and last night I got an email saying the class was being postponed until August. My $300+ plus airplane ticket is non refundable so I am out that money. It just doesn't seem fair. So tell me what you would do. (Kelly, I guess there won't be any Paris store once again.) There is a give away prize (no not the plane ticket, although I guess I won't need it). I'll randomly select one person from the comments for a cool surprise that I will send to you. Maybe felt related maybe not but it will be much better than my email news of last night.
In other events... should I renew my gym membership? Making a year commitment again is a hard thing for me. Maybe I should just run outside... but then again it is getting hot here.
Should I forget about National Boards?
When will a good movie come to Charleston?
Should I move to Italy? Portland? into an Airstream?
Seattle poppies and a hand drawing I did as an example for my Internet high school class are our fine images for today since I am not on my nice computer. I am on the dino and most of the pictures on it are by or of Chloe.
Thanks for hanging in there reading this none too thrilling blog post. I have some better stuff next time to capture- And just think I'll have an extra weekend to come up with more terrific tibids.
Throw caution to the wind and tell me what you would do so you can be entered in the give away drawing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Full of Paree

Someone is going to France!!! Yay that means Paris along with this tiny  country town in the south west region that I can't even find on the map. I am taking a five day workshop with Julie Arkel (who I adore) in the mystery village of Verteillac and then there is Paris. Oh there is always Paris. OOh la la

Miss you guys... Here are my main Artfest pals this year. We had some fun and many laughs. No pictures of the lively, lovely  Marilyn. Next time honey child. I forgot to say on my way back from Seattle I actually was seated next to a woman who went to Artfest, but alas she didn't even want to say hello to me so I couldn't talk the artfest talk. 

I guess I will return to blogging since I have even more pictures to show my lowly( Oops I guess that isn't a very flattering title) I mean devoted fans. Projects I have done, projects I hope to do, clothes I am returning... the works. But right now I must do the beg the daughter to go to bed so she will wake up in the morning dance.
au revoir

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Full of vacation

Okay guys, I'm back at this blog but just for a day before I figure out if I can in fact finish (uhh start?) my National Board stuff before April 30. I never use a LOL but one belongs here. 
Artfest was a wack of fun with my new and old friends. I want to post their photos here but have to make sure they don't mind so BF and ABFs tell me if it is okay,  These are great photos I have of you that capture our yarnie spirit. They really aren't that bad. We had some really good laughs.

Jill, this cup picture is especially for you. 
It's Lorraine's most versatile cup. 
After Artfest I hung out in Seattle a few days with another Jill friend and her husband Bill. It was fun to just explore although I should have stayed away from anthropologie. That store always does me in. 
Also got to see Lisa B (as opposed to Lisa C!) She had some very cool stuff and I helped her transport her new hula hoop safely home. Yes, in Seattle you can buy a huge hefty hula hoop at the flea market. 

This is the beautiful bracelet/necklace I purchased from Nina. I love it. It also has a little doll charm on the other side. Love that wrinkled hand don't you? Great to draw.
Okay guys if you comment and encourage me I'll blog before May but I need some comments to motivate me. Now it's back to work...