Sunday, January 25, 2009

Full of something... not sure what

hey gang..
I figured out what to do with my large Eiffel Tower. It's a great place to hang my cool necklaces and other jewelery and fun to look at in my closet. I also put a Paris image inside the tower.
Since I was taking pictures, I took this one of one of my wall spaces with some favorite art stuff on the bureau. Ah a bit too much glare. Looks better in real life.
So I can't get the dance scene from Slumdog Millionaire out of my mind. (reminded me of you, Ace and your dancing craze awhile back) That might have been my favorite part of the movie and I never like dance scenes- but this one... I may go to the movie again just to see the ending credits with the dancing. Did anyone else see it and feel the same way or have I just gone dance crazy?
Busy weekend. I have over 150 students in my internet high school classes. Yikes. Still I am running to the movies- and I haven't even done my lesson plans and national board stuff. A gal has to have some fun. So let me know if you stopped by the blog and have a good week. 

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