Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full day of craftyness

Hi Friends,
I am enjoying these two weeks off from school immensely even with National Board looming over me. Have been up to more craftyness than usual with results. These pictures are from a great online class I am taking from Mary Ann Moss. It's a shabby journal and very cool. Lots of sewing machine action on my new sewing machine. I have to say so far this machine works like a dream compared to my others. Had I known a sewing machine could actually be a cooperative object I would have started using one a long time ago.

My apron is almost done (can you believe it?) and I have started knitting a softie scarf that should be done in no time. Knitting and reading are my go to things if I don't really want to do anything. (umm yes I do seem to read a lot...)
Tomorrow I have to take my computer in. Today I managed to take a look at something that had my receipt for buying the computer and today is the last day of warranty (and the day I called). The phone person thought it quite humorous. So I am not sure if I will be with computer after tomorrow at 3:30 PM. (Get those comments in early gang)
Still don't know about the boots. Maybe I am not a boot person. Chloe is very happy with her Wallabees. Don't get them. (as in understand their appeal- not like you shouldn't get them).
Hope you are doing something artsie. xxoo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Full of Resin

I made these cool things at my friend Ellen's house. I am not sure what I will do with them but I think they are neat. She suggested ornaments but I think it may be a little late for this year. I have to attach a wire around them and am a bit weary about that- given my experience with metal work (Yet I still plan to take another jewelry class in May...) Anyway I do think they are cool and will probably make some more.
I think I am having an Alanis Morissette week. It is nice having no school. Got the new sewing machine so soon I will try to free motion. Still working on the presents. Biggest project is the apron. When I finish it I'll show a picture of it and of me and Donna D. at the class. She is a real go getter and so fun. I love when her kids show up during class.

So these could be the boots but I don't know. I like the shortness(they pretty much stop where you see them) but the other ones I tried were more comfy. Chloe doesn't like them so I don't know if that is a plus or minus. I will have to ask my boot advisor (Lorraine) what she thinks. They are Fryes. Any boot advise is greatly encouraged.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


First load of small gifts completed. I had fun with these and enjoyed making the envelope girls.
Now I'm up to the hard core gifts and having a little trouble getting the ball rolling. (are you guys thinking procrastination? Nah, not this time. Just want it right) While deciding what to make for these friends I ended up ordering a sewing machine with free motion capabilities. I really want to be able to draw with stitches. I am sure I will need a lot of practice- and a place to put my sewing machine. Also saw some beautiful Liberty Fabric from an English store but so far I have used will power by not ordering it.
So anyway the presents... probably need to get started wouldn't you all say?
Chloe has a detention for straightening her hair during sewing class. Who thinks to do that?
4 more days and than two weeks off for vacation. Yahooie.
What have you been up to?
I better get started on the gifties. xxoo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fabric Full

A busy day
I did this:
I finished my courage page. Chloe snuffed at it, but I don't care. I like my drawing and I love the lucky rabbit on the page. It feels good to finally finish this page. Actually this page is way in the front of my journal. I painted it over a year ago but just left it blank until last week and finished it today. Yeah I know, enough about that.

And this:
These are little fabric swatch books that I made for some gifts. You can take the swatches out of the books by cutting the thread and use the pieces separate, but I like how they look in the book style too. They were fun to make.

And didn't get anything else done like the over hanging, ever looming National Board recertification business.
Bad news on the computer front... my tracking pad seems to be stuck and it is very hard to click. Sometimes the curser just glides around and does what it wants. Has anyone else had this problem?
Thanks to everyone for wishing Renee a Happy Birthday.
Alas I should probably finish my lesson plans and pick out my "outfit" for tomorrow. Have a great week friendsters.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Renee

Happy Birthday Renee!
Hope you are having fun doing something creative like knitting (hey that's my scarf), journaling, sewing or of course shopping.
Make sure to wish Renee a happy birthday even if you don't know her. She is a great friend. Can't wait to see you in March.
More tomorrow with hopefully some art projects completed(don't laugh too hard about that)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full of grey

Hey Friends,
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was marginal. Nothing bad really happened, just feeling melancholy baby. So here is the page to accompany my mood. Started another page about courage but need some images and another page with fabric ideas. My friend Ellen has been more than generous with fabric giving.

First she gave me this really wonderful old jar with really nice lace pieces in it and a lot of other cool stuff including old buttons, sequins and what not. (Pantry Violets: I think what not is like your bits and bobs.) Anyway she topped that off three days later by giving me three bags full with fabric pieces and scraps including tons of velvets and feed sack pieces. A lot I will bring to school and some I have kept which leads me to my new give away... tell me what you would make out of a bunch of cool fabric swatches and you may win a pile of them. The drawing will be held on December 12 so keep your ideas coming.
Anthropology documentation is quite slim. Cool tights in my colors, a thick chunky scarf I probably could have knit myself and a half price floral shirt. I'm putting the picture of these goods on the Violet Pantry Blog site.
Still no haircut, but hopefully soon. Last week I got an eye opener. Usually I part my hair one way. I decided to part it on the other side and discovered where all the white hair was hiding out. It was incredible(and not in a great way). Needless to say I have gone back to the original part.
My little dumpling is 15 today. Last night she hosted ten friends at a restaurant. She left with three boxes of leftovers. Hmm Maybe they were her gifts? Guess we have to get the party started... Peaceful thoughts to you all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A mouth full

OOh two posts in less than a week. Am I on a roll or what?
Tomorrow my friend Ellen and I are making the trek to anthropologie(2 hours away). I am not sure if I hope I see lots I love or nothing I adore. Then we are going to some junkie/antique stores. I'm on the search for old lace, nice old fabric, and an old metal truck (toy) that I can put art stuff in. Should be fun. And I got to cancel Chloe's orthodontist consultation appointment to go. See now I can use the orthodontist money at anthropologie . Kidding guys, I won't let the daughter walk around with a wreck of a mouth. Well the mouth is already full of sass, but I want the teeth to at least look nice as she uses that sarcastic wit she mysteriously aquired.
Maybe more on Sunday with documentation of my finds...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange you full of cupcakes?

Bonjour mon amies,
Hope you had a great weekend. We had some fantastic weather. Great for outside running. So above journal page was my attempt at working with white paint on a white background with a person which obviously didn't work. I know I have to tint the white paint very lightly, but I am not one for subtlety (did I really spell that right?) so I shall keep trying. I tried on another page too but it twas a disaster. I covered most of it up with tissue paper and am trying something else.
Update time: Alas I still have not run into the van I am suppose to follow to Italy.
I did manage to wear the lavender heels (not the ones below) all day on Monday. I was very proud of myself. Tuesday it rained. Then Wednesday I brought the below purple ones and wore them for about 40 minutes but I felt a bit foolish and also they were too loose so no cowboy boots this week.
Whoa baby, my leg does not look too enticing in this picture. The cupcakes look much more delicious. Speaking of which... today the little chef whipped up some cupcakes with orange runny icing(she must miss Halloween.) She even left me with a big glob of icing in the bowl to wash or eat. Guess which I picked?
Au revoir for now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay here's my french outfit I wore the day after writing my blog last week but it looks more like a french frumpy thing than anything too glamorous. Still I like it. The skirt wasn't really suppose to be there but the dress thing was too sheer. Anyway, I'm even wearing my Eiffel tower necklace. n'est mauvais.
This week's wardrobe challenge is to wear heels all week. If I get through the whole week in my purple heeled shoes (if you're lucky I amy include a picture), I told myself maybe just maybe I could finally buy some cowgirl boots.
Ah, last wee-end I was behind a blue van that had a bumper sticker that said, Follow me to Italy so I thought, Okay, and I did for several blocks until another car cut me off and there went my trip to Italy.
I did do some journal work this week-end but can't scan it because the page next to it is all glued up. Maybe during mid week. I still can't figure out how to do white on white painting. Any one have any tips on that?
Guess this is a shorty. I'll try to put my page up soon. tra la la.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full of Kit Kats

Pages pages, here are some more pages I worked on this week-end. That extra hour really seemed to give me time.I love chairs so I had fun with the chair page. I tried using my new glazing fluid with my paint but I think I used too much paint with it. I will have to try again. Next time I want to try and do some white pages- everything in white tones.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween. It isn't my favorite holiday, but that's okay. Orange is growing on me. We only had about seven trick or treaters (I think our street is too dark and filled with older people) so I now have a whole bag of
Kit Kats to deal with. Such dilemmas. Eat or give away? They are orange which is kind of interesting. They just don't taste like chocolate when they are orange. More like a white chocolate type of confection. Probably more than you need to know about my left over Kit Kats.

I am missing France/Paris and realized I am no longer wearing my Parisian clothes so since it will be warm tomorrow I will get back into them. They made me feel lighter and bouncier. It also looks like time for a hair cut. My hair feels like it's strangling me after running. Okay so now you know way too many trivial things about me this week- what about you? What are you up to? What have you created? What are you enjoying wearing?
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two pages full

It was a journal day. I worked on these two pages. Next I hope I get some sewing done. I really want to make a rose rabbit type of doll so that might be next, but alas I must go do my running chore for today and make dinner.
What do you think of my new banner girl next to half full up above? My cousin helped me achieve this goal. It is a bit odd since she has to be lying down but I like it in a way like that. Maybe she's saying okay I've had enough.
Here's how I am doing on my apron. I found this floral linen fabric piece at the antique mall and I want to sew it on to the apron, but I am scared that I will ruin it. Wish me luck. I guess that is about it for today. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, October 12, 2009

just half full

I have started a little scrap book full of just pieces of stuff I have piled around. I could probably fill an encyclopedia with all my scraps. It has been really fun to do so far but I have a ways to go with this book. Looks like I have to work on my scanning technique as well. More color saturation and pixel action. Thanks Kelly for the idea. And DJ's bird is hiding in the cool frame on the right. I'll show more when I have finished.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Full of cibo amare

Buongiorno Amica,
I know the timing is not good financially, but my heart is saying Italy, Italy, so I think I am going for it this summer in June. I will even get to go to the water buffalo mozzarella cheeses farm and see how they make limoncello. (Did someone say samples? ) For those of you who say "you always go places and never tell me"- I'm telling you now (uh that would be you Lorraine) and would LOVE to have a traveling friend so if you want to go or are even thinking about it let me know. Two(or even more) is much more fun that one. I promise I won't hog all the mozzarella up.
No, I won't be bringing the darling daughter. She asked if she could come with me today and I reminded her that they spoke Italian there, but she was still interested. As much as I love her, I think not.
Nothing else going on other than dreaming of Italy. Cupcake week went well but now it's days and days of fund raiser art- actually it isn't too bad. The artists are liking their themes and the third grade has really impressed me with their egret pictures(much better than mine).
Funny I look at my profile of favorite places, books, and music and nothing has changed. I am not sure if that is good or bad.
Ciao bellas until I create some new artsie thing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hello, hello,
Here are my two latest journal pages. The first one is a floral one. I saw this really cool art piece in the August British Country Homes and Gardens where the artist a had drawn these beautiful flowers on something like notebook paper and put it as the background of an open shadow box and then she added her homemade dolls. I tried to work on the flowers. Hers was different but I like mine too.

The next picture I like because I worked a bit on shading and it came out okay with the neocolor lls. I know it needs more work but I thought it was a good start.
Here here to the weekend. Maybe some more baklava or other sweet treat. Brownies with chocolate pieces?
I got my Artfest confirmation material and I cannot wait to go and see my art pals and try some new art stuff. I am still working on the faces and poor Misty will be seeing me again as I try to perfect(umm... paint) a face. Then I will have two new teachers for me- Lynne Perrella and Patricia Seggebruch. OOH and the yummy cookies and soup at the food coop. Oh March please hurry up.
Having some fun with the kindergartners this week. Making up songs in our extra time. Gluing doesn't take that long, but too long to start another project. I promised them that next week would be cupcake art week since they were oozing with cupcake stories to tell me. Have a great weekend and leave me a yummy comment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A bit Full of Baklava

Hi Friends,
Can't remember if I have shown these purses I made or not. I need to get back into the swing of making more of them. Right now, I am getting stumped on these small velvet bracelets I am trying to create. They are harder than I thought. I have to learn to cut, hand, and draw evenly.
Wanted to let you know I tried this great easy recipe last night: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sunny-anderson/baklava-cups-recipe/index.html(no real link here- Don't know how to do that yet)
I watched it on the food channel while I was on the treadmill. I don't usually watch this show but they looked good and the cook kept saying how delish (well I guess that would be Rachel Ray) and easy they were and sure enough they actually were. Only thing is that after you make them they are suppose to spend at least 5 hours in the fridge. I couldn't wait and snuck a taste before that and they were good then too. They are like baklava without the trouble. Too bad I am trying to cut down on junk food.
Lisa A (not to be confused with Lisa B or Lisa C) recommended a DVD that I really enjoyed called Arranged. It had a nice level of subtle humor in it and was really good. Making the baklava and then watching the DVD could be a good combo.
Well it's back to school for me tomorrow and more work on the tricky bracelets. Tra la la.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food Full

Hello Friends,It is a quiet Sunday here in still hot South Carolina. Isn't this fabric the best? OOh I love it. Not sure how to use it. Currently, I have it hanging up over my desk to admire.
This is the bracelet I made for Lisa as the winning prize for the blog give away. I like how it came out and hope she likes it too.Not much here. Still the 30 first graders. We are doing self portraits(except the first graders) which is my favorite- then we will start moving into the open studio program.Trying to get some more sewing done but often distracted(especially with reading). Read a good book, with wonderful sounding recipes. Will try to make some this week, but the desserts are the most enticing. The book is called A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. Now I am readingBrooklyn. So far so good. And to add to meaningless information, last night I made myself the best dinner of a seared tuna steak on a bun with wasabi mayo and steamed spinach with a glob of goat milk brie oozing all over it. Ah delish. Okay enough about me. What about you?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Full of First Graders

Here I am back after the first week of school. Still breathing so that is a good sign. 30 first graders at one time is not such a good sign, but they said they might be able to cut it down to 26. Kindness. (not sure what happened here with formatting)
Here is the project I need to work on.
I made these faces and what not with paper clay.

Next I painted them, but now I have to do something with them. I tried making a doll out of one in France but I didn't like the look. Any ideas?

Let's see what else... little Miss is taking a fashion class and will actually have to sew stuff. Ah can't wait to see that. Their first project is pajamas. Maybe I can get a picture of them for you guys.
No internet high school this semester. Not enough student interest. It is a nice hiatus for me. May go to Round Top flea market thing with Lorraine outside of Austin. Could be fun.
Still working on the flowers. Hope you are all well and doing fun things. Tra la la.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Full of this and that

Hey all,
I think I am off to Columbia, SC for a few days of online school computer training if they could please tell me when and where. ( I am suppose to be there tomorrow but haven't a clue as to the 5 Ws). Anyway I thought I would leave you with some images. The first is a photo of things I forgot I bought in France and a better glimpse at Help.
Here's the stuff I couldn't resist at anthropologie
and finally who could this lovely walking box person be? I bet you haven't the foggiest. I'll give you a hint- she got a bureau at IKEA and put all the drawers together by herself. Guess what she is unhappily getting for her birthday? An electric screwdriver. More in awhile, maybe I'll even get some journal pages done at the hotel in Columbia if they give me more info.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Full of Pages

Here are some of my journal pages from France. I photographed them instead of scanning so they could look a bit blurry- but I see things that way anyway. On the first one the black page turns to see the inside which is the next photo. The last photo is of the time I spent at the workshop. I sure wish I were still there- either place. Enjoy and write me a comment. Next up are the anthropologie goodies.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Full of Bits

Show and Tell Time Gang:
I bought these two dolls in Kentucky before I went to France. We were told to bring dolls to the workshop, but we never used them. I really adore these two gals. They are fragile and a bit melancholy.

The art balls I got in Savannah after France along with the other cool stuff in the next picture. I got almost all of it at a neat store called @home. The wallpaper is beautiful but beat up and I love the red velvet bird. The hat ages me a bit, in my opinion, but some have said it looks good. Who knows. Cool fabric from a tiny fabric shop called fabrika.

And I finished two new flowers. Got a lot of it done while visiting my friend Dana. The more the better I think.

In other news, Lisa you have won the give away once again. Amazing- three time winner. Your giftie will arrive as soon as I finish sewing it (don't y'all start laughing now)

School will start again before I know it. Deciding if I should go to NYC or anywhere else before the inevitable. Part of me really wants to but part likes staying home. What ever should I do? For now maybe I can finish my apron/hospital gown. Keep on making cool stuff. Au revoir.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Full of Stuff

I know, I know...what you have been waiting for- the stuff.
Okay I will start with what I made- not too much, but that was okay. I did learn how to make a french knot after 18 tries and that was a great achievement. I had trouble creating anything that I really liked except this very rough bracelet that looks like a long rectangle in the picture. Julie showed us all how to make the fabric flowers and I love the way mine came out. I have started making a few more since I got back. My doll reminds of a marshmallow headed caveman. Not my best.

What I got...

These are my favorite things that I bought in Paris. Mostly books of course. My beautiful doll help that I bought from Julie is leaning against the shopping bag but she is hard to see. I will have to showcase her a different time.
I had a little shirt frenzy in Paris.
These shirts were quite inexpensive and four were actually purchased at the same store right next door to our hotel. Also during the workshop market day I bought a white skirt and some white bloomer pants.

And now the sad part.
What I wanted to buy but wasn't able to. (Actually there was more but I didn't get to photograph them). Sam bought Rose Rabbit from Julie and I just adore her (and Sam too) and Margo beat me to this cute little dress made by Katie our hostess .
The colors are much better than this picture portrays. It had my name on it (kidding) so I am not sure how Margo managed to get it before me. It looks like a shirt, but on me it was a dress. Anyway Margo has been very nice about the whole thing and the most special part of my rough looking bracelet is that I found a small piece of the dress fabric in the rag pile and stitched it to the inside of the bracelet. Oh Sam also got some beautiful rose fabric from Katie that I had admired. That woman is quick...
And there you have it...
Don't forget about the drawing for a French
souvenir. I don't know Lisa, you may be a three time winner. (then Kelly may think the whole thing is rigged.) I think there may be more people visiting my blog then I think there are. Please leave me a comment so I know you came to visit. It will really make me happy to know who has come to visit. au revoir.
PS. My blog set up looked so nice in preview but looks awful as a post. I am not sure how to fix it. I have tried but it still looks so blah and disconnected. oh well, I tried.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Full of Paris

Oh la la,
The car is no longer on the last posting so here it is now along with more Eiffel tower pictures.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

France Fully-amazing

Welcome to part two of my trip to France. This picture was taken by Chloe near the gite we stayed in about 4 miles from the Maison where the Julie Arkell workshop was held. Chloe rode a bike down to the sunflowers (through a wickedly strong sprinkler) and I walked. It was a really nice time for both of us. (yes we actually had one or two of those...)
I had a great time at the workshop (close to the town of Verteillac- good luck finding it on the map).
When we got off the train to meet our ride to Verteillac, Chloe and I met 4 other women crazy excited to be in France and at the workshop. It was so infectious that we didn't even mind when the car would not start during the heatwave and we had to eventually all crowd together in the Landrover. (hello Clare) From then on it was an amazing journey with some very special women. Each one of them had their own gifts to share as well as quirks of personality. I wish I could tell you about each one of them.
We met Julie at the Maison and had an amazing dinner. All the food was incredible during our stay. The ice cream was to die for and Dave made a great fish curry.

{Picture notes: Here is Julie during our final show and tell with our finished creations. There were some amazing things.
The other photos here are of the Maison backyard, the gite and my true love blue car. I wish I could have taken that back.}

Anyway back to the workshop. On the first day, we ooed and ahhed about what everyone brought(you know fabric, crocheted flowers, notions...) Julie had a lovely display of many of her magical pieces to inspire us.
We spent the day sewing and rummaging through the rag bag/rag floor.
During the five days, we also took a trip to the market and to a french brocante (old things type of store). It was amazing what these women found on these trips.

The part of the trip I enjoyed the most was sitting around the table as everyone sewed their bits together and talked. There were English, Swedish, and American accents. I miss hearing Joanna talk so much I feel as though I have to call her.
Julie A is a wonderful person and I am so glad I got to meet her and spend 5 days with her. Although we did not talk too much, I loved her personality and the way she thinks- plus each day the clothing she wore was a visual treat in itself.
Next time I will write about what I missed and what I made. (yeah Sam and Margo- this is where I talk about you two... just kidding). Until next time mon amies.
Oh a little give away- tell me which word I over used in this posting(and how many times) to win a small souvenir from France. I'll randomly pick one person from the posted comments.