Sunday, December 14, 2008


Amazing, I actually finished something...I made this purse for Dana. I saw the fabric and it just reminded me of her. Every year she gives me a neat art related Christmas card so I wanted to make her something special this year. I hope she likes it. I bet she will be surprised. 

Here is my lovely sock monkey modeling her newest outfit. I guess it is hard to see with such busy patterns but she is wearing a Kaffe Fassett ensemble of a ruffle bottomed skirt with four different fabric panels that can be converted to a sundress and an elegant purse. The t-shirt has been altered to include monkey portraits on both the front and back of the T. She sits with a large heart and two stuffed birds. Hmm maybe I should write fashion copy for my next career.
Sew (hee hee)  as you can see it has been a sewing weekend. Now it's Sunday night and I have to return to school work. In fourth grade I have a group of boys that crack me up. They have been drawing these wild looking characters for weeks so I finally sat them down and told them they needed to do something with these characters and suggested ugly dolls and claymation.  They are on a roll now to begin. I hope I can help them with my other 24 students still needing attention (some still ask questions like, "where's the paper?") but it is great to see them so excited about coming to art.
I want to make the custodian in my school a yummy and nice looking treat for always making a point to say hello to me and learn my name. Does anyone have any suggestions of something easy but yummy to make him?
I guess I better get hopping. Hope  you guys have a great week. I will, especially once Friday is over. The students are extra silly and joyful with the anticipation of Christmas. 
Ciao bellas

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Kelly Kilmer said...

Love it!!!

Chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn't love them?? ;)