Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Fork Full

Two purses from the past. The first one I made at a workshop Teesha Moore had in Seattle. The second I made at the first year of ArtFiber Fest. It is all hooked with strips of fabric. I really like them both, but a bit small for everyday life.

Oh where oh where have I been? or 
Oh where oh where have you been?
Here is the gift I gave myself that was in the polka dotted box. I must say I really like it still, over a year later. The day I opened it I was wearing just those colors so it looked great.

Things have been busy, but not art busy. Today Chloe stabbed me with a fork. You know the kind of thing, "Chloe don't fool around like that. That's how accidents happen." Chloe laughs and says, "No they don't" and then kabang fork stab, blood rushes. Yes, it does prove I was right, but in this case, being wrong would have been okay. Tried to take a picture of it on photo booth, but the wrinkles below the face were worse then the stab wound. 

I have become a bit sock monkey obsessed the last few days. I have to find time to make my own sock monkey family. It looks like I can do it, except the clothes. That will be the trick to figure out. Oh Anne... how do you make the clothes? 
Clothes making suggestions welcomed.
Have a fun week. Watch out for forks. 


Kelly Kilmer said...

I guess the good thing is, it wasn't a knife. Ouch. Sharp instruments and kids some times aren't a good thing ;) We should give them spoons.

LOVE the purses and necklace.

Yay for sock monkeys.

Sweet Petunia said... should post some pictures of your sock monkies! I saw some wonderful flannel with stock monkies and you should make some PJs for them....I almost bought some to make PJs for me...but no time.

Lisa said...

TAYLOR!!!!! Why didn't you let me know you had a blog!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! I remember that wild purse from Seattle. But I don't remember it being so cooly decorated when I last saw it. I SO love the hooked one!!!!! Okay, checkin' you out for some good tales!!!!!