Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clock Full

Hello Friends and Readers,
Hope you have had a good week. 
For some reason I have been craving a margarita all week, but there's no one I  know around here to join me. It's driving me crazy how much I am thinking about it. Please come on down to Charleston and have one with me. Soon. I'll treat.
Managed to do two pages in my art  journal today. This one is about a spark that is flying around in my brain,  almost like a gnat. Can't get it out. Trying to build upon the thoughts, but I probably should just swat it out. At least it does make me smile.
I'm thinking maybe I need a better scanner or scanning system.
Chloe went to a costume party yesterday. Her friends insisted she would not be allowed in without a costume and what do you know.. they were not in costume. Here are the top three ideas we came up with. Please don't find them offensive. It was all in fun. Hannah Montana was her favorite.  Mine was Sarah Palin and she ended up being a stay at home mom. 
Have a great week. I know I'll be on the run.