Monday, September 8, 2008

Full of Way Too Much Computer Work

Hey all, this gal is so busy. (oops I sound like Paula Dean) Yikes. Hope you are having some time for enjoyment.
This is me several years ago.
We are all in the school swing. My new students are fun. They even let me get away with having my Frida doll dance on the table. (I forgot this would be hard for the real Frida.) Sock Monkey acquired a pair of way to short overall shorts from Hoppy Vanderbear. It's quite a sight.
My Internet high school has started this week and I feel as if I am married to my computer. Might I add it's the PC computer they sent me and I wouldn't even agree to become engaged to it if I had a choice.
I better get back to it all, just wanted you to know I was still around and kicking. 

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