Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just a quick picture. This is my table I had set up last year for an art sale. 

Another week, another week and I am still not in Italy. can you believe it?
I did get all the classes I wanted for Artfest which will be fantastic. A transparent book class- I love translucent things so it should be fun, and then Judy Wise who I adore. We will be working with wax and photographs. Last, my favorite Misty. Her class on Friday looked great too- working with white but I thought she might get sick of me if I took her two days in a  row. I'll be going with my secret keeper friend Lorraine(JK, Lorraine).
The daughter is calling me for a game of Uno (wonder how many draw four cards she hid) and then it's off to buy my family's favorite: tofu. (not really)
Have a great week.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Full of Way Too Much Computer Work

Hey all, this gal is so busy. (oops I sound like Paula Dean) Yikes. Hope you are having some time for enjoyment.
This is me several years ago.
We are all in the school swing. My new students are fun. They even let me get away with having my Frida doll dance on the table. (I forgot this would be hard for the real Frida.) Sock Monkey acquired a pair of way to short overall shorts from Hoppy Vanderbear. It's quite a sight.
My Internet high school has started this week and I feel as if I am married to my computer. Might I add it's the PC computer they sent me and I wouldn't even agree to become engaged to it if I had a choice.
I better get back to it all, just wanted you to know I was still around and kicking. 

Monday, September 1, 2008

Too full of Cinderella

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all enjoyed your Monday. Mine was quiet. So here's the page I worked on today. Not sure about this girlie, kind of funny looking (like me) but hey I gave it my best shot.
School is in full swing. I saw some great self portraits this past week from my students. I just love the way they draw. We are also having fun with the sock monkey who hangs out in the art room. 
Oh boy, tomorrow is the Artfest Registration mail in. Lorraine- don't forget to mail ours in. Some good classes to look forward to.
This weekend I have been feeling like the family doormat so I have been about 5  steps away from just stomping off to Italy on Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose's trip. I wonder if there are still spaces. I thought that was just what I needed. Kelly Rae has a great positive, make it happen attitude which I admire. She has given so much of herself on her blog and I really admire that.(Plus she does great art work)I am sure Mati is a wonderful person as well and would love to meet her as we cruise around the Italian countryside- don't forget I can get some wonderful mozzarella there. hmm maybe I should start packing..

Here is the felt cupcake my friend Anne made for me so I could leave with a "product." She did a great job but even better... I think I could make one somewhat similar myself- but not as well crafted.
My friend Jennifer said to connect my blogger site to my IP or something like that, but I am not sure what she means. If you know please tell me- and if you are actually reading this please tell me that too.
Okay, believe it or not I have to go run on the treadmill before I make dinner. Just call me Cinderella with running shoes.