Monday, August 11, 2008

A House Full of Aprons

Riley and I went to visit my friend Jennifer in Connecticut on the way to Vermont and look what she gifted me with. Aren't these the best aprons? and they have pockets, and did I mention mine is mostly pink?  and they use Jennifer's beautiful fabric and old textile fabric sewn together for a look no gal can do without? Jennifer you are more than generous. 
She even made her son go out and buy a zillion doughnut holes for Riley. And the dog George that I showed a picture of two posts ago is her most excellent dog. I miss you Jennifer and George. Hope you enjoyed Paris.
Oh Riley also modeled an apron of Jennifer's fabric design. Maybe if I can gather 6 posts requesting a look at the apron he'll let me post it.
Forgot to mention... Kelly K you are the winner of the NY give away. One day your prize will arrive... one day soon.
Next up will be Vermont Highlights... Did someone say maple syrup?


Sweet Petunia said...

Super cute apron!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

lets see Riley..I miss him already ..what a great guy he is traveling all over with mom and visiting her friends and so engaging!! Love that guy! xoxox Jennifer

Kelly Kilmer said...

I wanna see the Riley Apron!!!

The aprons there are *adorable*!!!

You rock, Taylor!