Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Full of Tails

I'm back from a very long trip. I have missed not blogging and am glad to be back. Our trip started with a stop at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a great museum .  There was  a wonderful show about religion. The artists were so refreshing. I saw hugh paper mache figures, journal like pages, fabric arts, paintings an d other wonderful uses of mixed media. I wish I would have been allowed to take some photos of the pieces. Here's Riley posing in the outdoor sculpture park.

After this we headed 
up to NY. More on the trip as I get more organized and unpacked.
Each place we stayed had either a dog, cat or both. It is strange to be back in my petless home. I only have a picture of George. He is a sweetheart of a dog- a laberdoodle at the top of this entry. We also met Madeliene the dog who begged for a friend, Jake the dishwasher dog, and Spencer the pasta eater.
Tomorrow I will write about the NYC part of the trip then about Vermont, family bagels and peach pie.

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